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TEOTWAWKI Blade Contest Entry #1

This is the first entry into our big exciting TEOTWAWKI Blade Contest. Yay! 

From D.T.:

ESEE 5. 
It's a sharpened crowbar with an unconditional, no-nonsense warranty (fully transferable) - they wouldn't have that sort of guarantee if it wasn't built to last in the first place. I have many ESEE knifes, this was my first and I feel like I could baton it through the others and still make a featherstick with it when I was done.


O.A Length: 10.88" 
Blade Length: 5.25"
Maximum thickness: .25"
Weight: 16 ounces (Knife Only)
Finish: Textured Black Powder Coat
Handles: Canvas Micarta w/ Bow Drill Divot
Blade Width: 1.56"
1095 Steel - 57 Rc.
Sabre Grind
Glass Breaker Pommel

It is designed as a SERE knife, can cut through an aircraft fueselage, and there are youtube videos of using the glass breaker pommel to smash car glass.

This is LITERALLY my teotwawki knife... it is in my nightstand, goes in my BOB, went to Tracker School, and is my go-to blade that will become an heirloom.

The ESEE 5 in use.