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The Walking Dead: Bloodletting

Wishing for an AR and a couple Beta-mags right about now.
Another excellent episode, introducing Herschel's farm, which will be the group's home base for the next several episodes. The episode largely set up for next week's episode, which will have Shane and Otis trying to blast their way through a horde of undead. Excited for that one.

Daryl again had some good moments and is turning out to be a pretty decent guy. Shane seems to have moved out from his unstable state of last season and is now really a driving force of stability in the group. 

Some zombie survival thoughts from last night's episode:
  • The importance of medical supplies and medical knowledge--Daryl's stash of antibiotics, Herschel's skills and the medical equipment Otis and Shane set out to recover. Check out our posts filed under medical for more.
  • The importance of communications devices. The group is being forced to split into multiple smaller groups, each unable to communicate with the others, radio for help or give updates. Rick unable to communicate with Lori and needing to send out a messenger, Rick unsure of why Shane is being delayed--several examples. Heck, at the end of the episode, I bet Shane is wishing that he could radio for help...
  • Magazine capacity, especially when confronted with zombie hordes. If Otis and Shane both had ARs, AKs or a similar rifle and a bunch of mags, they'd be in much different circumstances at the end of the episode.
  • Cardio! We'll see if this prime rule of zombie survival catches up with Otis.
  • Make sure you've got an escape plan!
What did you guys think of the episode? Anything else you got out of it? Anything you'd do differently?