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Zombie Contest Entry #15

NOTE: There's only a week left to enter our zombie weaponry photo contest. It's still anybody's game, although  we do have a few favorites so far! Remember, creativity and quality! You're not limited to an "arsenal" photo (though those are fun!), you can do whatever. Now, onto our next entry in the contest...

1 WASR-10 w/ Bayonet
1 AR 15 HBAR with Scope
1 Norinco SKS w/ spike bayonet
1 Mossburg Shotgun chambered with Slugs and 00 Buck
1 Marlin 70 
1000 rounds for each
1 Glock 22
1 M&P 9
1 S&W 60 Revolver
1 AMT backup
1 tactical throwing knife
1 switchblade
1 base ball bat
1 assassins knot strangulation rope

1 kevlar flack jacket
1 steel US issue helmet
1 M17 US issue gask mask