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Zombie Weaponry Contest Entry #16

From JDD65:

Here is a brief description of my gear for the impending invasion of the undead:
My firearms are -
Interstate Arms Mossberg-inspired 12 gauge
Glock 21 .45ACP
My bladed weapons include -
Gil Hibben Double Shadow (not really too practical, but I think it looks cool)
Spyderco curved blade (not sure what this knife is called, but it is nasty looking)
Balisong butterfly knife
Gerber Mark II (one of my first knives I was ever given as a kid)
Craftsman ax (nothing like cleaving through ranks of zombies with an ax!) with custom camo handle
Smaller hatchet with hammer end (to slice or smash skulls!)
CRKT Triumph neck knife
Set of small throwing knives (head shots with these are possible in closer range action)
Gerber LMF II Infantry knife
Old German bayonnet
I would like to use the axes and longer bladed weapons first to keep some distance between me and those trying to eat me, but the smaller knives are durable and very sharp for close quarters contact.  I am in the process of making a leather scabbard for the Craftsman ax to affix to the side of my bug out bag.  It adds some weight, but it is very versatile as both a weapon and tool.  This piece has been in my family for several generations.  It is very worn, but still in great shape and very sharp.
Other accessories -
N95 mask with respirator (can't be too careful if the virus is possibly airborne)
First Aid kit
Shooting glasses (eye protection from blood splatter!)
Lots and lots of spare mags and ammo!!!  Ammo cans are custom camo and labeled for easy identification