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Pass on what you have learned.

Went camping this past weekend. Sitting by the campfire...we were the only ones in the campground with a campfire for whatever reason. Kind of odd. Kids from neighboring families running all over; a group of maybe four kids come up to our camp. They're maybe eight or nine years old, and bursting with questions about our campfire.

"How did you start it?"
"Why do you have a fire?"
"What do you put in it? Wood? Rocks?"

Seriously, these kids had no clue whatsoever--burn rocks in a campfire? They probably had not ever been camping before, but more then that, they had no clue about a very, very basic element of survival. Before the modern age, man survived and thrived for thousands upon thousands of years because he could create fire. And these kids basically had no idea what a fire was. It is a sad state when we become so out of touch with the basics.

You are undoubtedly not one of those "out of touch" people--you're interested in living a self sufficient and well prepared life.You have earned considerable knowledge and skill. That knowledge should be shared. If you have children, it is your responsibility to make sure that those children have a foundation of knowledge and skills to build from.

Pass on as much as you can. Start when they are young, because we tend to listen less as we get older--at least until we have been sufficiently humbled to realize that we aren't quite experts in everything. These teachings can be amongst the best "preps" that you ever make--helping the next generation to start down a wise and prepared path.