> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Friday Open Thread - What have you done this week to prepare?



Friday Open Thread - What have you done this week to prepare?

Open thread time - I think I will do these every other week. Here's what we've done:
  • Finished an audio book - Inside Delta Force: The Story of America's Elite Counterterrorist Unit. It's a first hand account written by one of the founding members of Delta Force; a little slow to get going, but very interesting. The training these guys get is amazing - the best of the best in everything, from shooting to driving to clandestine ops to stealing cars and picking locks and everything in between. Operating methods and unit formation are also pretty interesting - their basic unit is a four man team. 
  • Bought some camping gear - a big new tent for car camping (REI Kingdom 6).
  • Bought my first tomahawk - a Cold Steel Trail Hawk, which was a bargain at $26.44 shipped. So far, like the balance and feel. Spent some time cleaning up the edge a bit.
  • Selling off some extra gear.
  • Went to the range and shot pistols for an hour. Happy with the results, but need to find a range that lets me shoot closer than 12 yards. Cleaned pistols afterwards.
  • Heading up to the mountains to test out the new tent, hawk and some other gear. Looking forward to spending some good outdoors time with the family.
  • Lots of reading and research.
What have you done this past week? Let us know in the comments thread!