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October Photo Contest: Zombie Weaponry

For the month of October, we thought we'd have a little photo submission contest. Not photos of flowers or puppies. We're looking for photos of your zombie slaying arsenal - guns, knives, swords, axes, clubs, scythes, bats - whatever implements of zombie destruction you desire. Other zombie-related equipment is also appropriate - gas masks, body armor, assault vehicles, killer attack cats, etc. Have fun, be original.

Photos will be judged by a panel here at T-Blog and two winners will be selected. Winners will be selected based on creativity, style, composition, photo quality and overall coolness factor, with creativity and coolness being the biggest factors. Now, onto the prizes.


Grand Prize Winner will receive:
- $35 Amazon gift card
- Oscar Delta Go Tube and bead necklace
- Oscar Delta Hybrid Kevlar® Bracelet v10.2 - black paracord, snazzy, ready to size!
- World War Z by Max Brooks (paperback)
- TEOTWAWKI Blog T-shirt (limited sizing selection available)

Runner Up Will receive:
- $15 Amazon gift card
- Oscar Delta Go Tube

Note: Additional prizes may be added as the contest progresses, we will see what happens!


- Contest is open for photo submission from today (September 28th) through October 31st.
- Winners will be decided the first week of November.
- Submit photos via e-mail to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.
- By submitting photos and entering the contest, you agree to allow us to post submitted photos onto the blog
- Photos may be re-sized to fit (generally max width of 600 pixels). Please send images in jpg, gif or png format.
- Original pictures only - no swiping stuff from elsewhere and passing it off as your own.
- Please send a brief text description with each submission
- You may enter multiple times.
- If you're under 18, get your parents permission.
- Limit content to PG-13 friendly. No nakedness or scantily clad women, please.