> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Bobbyd's Samurai-Style Zombie Weaponry



Bobbyd's Samurai-Style Zombie Weaponry

1.       Practical Katana – No bullets required, 3 ft range.
2.       Lock Pick Set –Foraging on the go, I travel light.
3.       Small Binoculars – Always good to know what’s up ahead.
4.       Steel Spikes – Throwing or misc. uses.
5.       Manrikigusari – Steel chain with steel balls at the ends.  Weapon, belt, choking, zip lining, etc...
6.       Boot Knife – For close encounters.

This is in addition to the “go bag” and firearms that allow me to get to the nearest marina.  (c;


 Editor's Note: Make sure if you do any foraging, it's from the dead/abandoned - scavenging is ok, looting is not!