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Review: Streamlight Nano Light

The Nano Light with a quarter and a Fenix LD01. The Nano Light is less
then 1.5 inches in length!
As I mentioned a bit ago, I'm building up an Altoids Survival Tin for a gift exchange that I'm involved in. I've pulled together most of the pieces that I had lying around and ordered up the rest.

I consider some kind of flashlight to be a fairly essential item in a survival kit, even in a pocket sized kit. Something small and inexpensive (around $5), but rugged and bright. The Streamlight Nano Light matched those specifications. It's bite sized, as you can see from the pictures, and I've had good luck with Streamlight lights in the past. The kicker was the price, only $5.99 from Amazon.

I've had all of the various Photon lights and eventually settled on Fenix AAA-sized lights for my own keychain/EDC use. The AAA-sized lights are small, but the Nano is minuscule in comparison, and the brightness is similar to the Fenix E01--10 lumens, though side-by-side, the Nano looks brighter, which is shocking.

The Nano Light looks tiny even next to a Photon!
It turns on/off with a twist, which I much prefer to the squeeze lights, which I find turn on accidentally too easily. The Nano Light is well and sturdy--it claims to be "weather proof," though I'm not sure what exactly that means.

One downside of the Nano Light is that replacement batteries cost about as much as a new light. Unlike the Photon lights, though, they are very easy to replace.

Overall, the Nano Light is a great choice when you need a cheap, rugged and ultra-small light. It's the best option that I've seen for pocket survival kit light, and also a good choice if you're looking to cut down on key chain bulk. At $5.99, they're hard to beat.

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