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Christmas Gifts for Survivalists!

My friends and family often tell me that I'm impossible to buy for when Christmas/birthdays roll around. I think they're completely nuts, as there are about a bajillion bits of gear that I want at any particular time. Of course, most of the things I like aren't sold at Wal-Mart or the local mall, so maybe that's where the problem comes in.

If you're shopping for a survivalist or in need of ideas for gifts to give the currently less-prepared, here are some ideas to get you started.

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Terminator 2 Blu Ray: A favorite of survivalists and action movie buffs, now on Blu-ray. Mini guns in 1080P. Yes please!
The Book of Eli: My favorite recent post-apocalypse movie. Good action scenes, great twist, awesome movie.
Predators: Yep, there's some stupidness - Adrian Brody's chest rig set up being one of them - but this is a solid action movie, and much better than any of the craptacular entries in Predator or Alien franchises...

Alas, Babylon: A survival classic, with less doom-and-gloom than most.
The Survival Handbook: An excellent, full-color illustrated guide for wilderness survival skills.
The Survivor's Club: The stories of survivors from across the world and the commonalities between them. What does it take to survive?

EDC Gear
Wallet survival kit gear: We all need to carry a wallet around - why not use it to stash some helpful survival supplies?
Fenix E01 or LD01: An AAA sized keychain light; indestructible, common battery types and easy to carry.
Spyderco Delica: A classic pocket knife for a reason. Easy to open, easy to carry, unoffensive but razor sharp.

Fun Stuff
Cold Steel Ray Skin Katana: Cold Steel has sturdy, functional swords, unlike the typical cheapo replicas. Yes, they're not cheap--but if you really want to survive the apocalypse in style, you're going to need a katana, aren't you?
Zombie Shooting Gallery: Brush up on your headshots from the safety of your desk.
Dead On Annihilator: The nastier, sleeker brother the the Fubar. Perfect for breaking down all those leftover boxes on Christmas morning.