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Looking for a hard use folder...

I've come to the conclusion that I need what I'll call a hard use folding knife. My P'Kal is great, but it is fairly small, lightweight and made for self defense. I also baby the edge, because it is intended for SD and I want it to stay razor sharp. This hard-use knife will be for general hacking, chopping, and whatever else I want to put it through Something heavy duty and nigh indestructible, with a thick blade and a vault-like locking mechanism. Here's my general criteria:

  • A reversible pocket clip; a deep ride clip would be preferable.
  • A frame lock or perhaps a very good liner lock
  • No wave feature
  • Around a 4-inch blade, plain edge, with a utilitarian blade shape. No tantos.
  • No colored/coated blade
  • Good blade steel, thick blade
  • G10 handles
  • No assisted/spring opener
  • Around $150
So far, I haven't found anything that jumps out at me. Any recommendations from you, my faithful readers?