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10 Stocking Stuffers for Survivalists

Christmas is fast approaching, but the people at Amazon can still get your presents there in time, which I find incredible given their huge catalog. No sales tax and you can usually get free shipping, too. Here's some ideas if you're looking for survival-oriented stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts to give. If you've got a bit bigger budget, check out our earlier post.

1. Streamlight Nano Light: Around $6, itty-bitty yet sturdy and bright. Read the full review here. Buy it here in black or here in pink.

Columbia River Knife and Tool 2380 Ritter RSK Mk52. Ritter RSK Mk5: A fixed blade sized for survival kits, designed by survival guru Doug Ritter. I've got one on my list. Around $15, here.

3. CR 123A Batteries: Chances are you've got a Surefire or similar light that runs off these, and if you're anything like me, there's a good chance you'll go through more than a couple batteries this next year. Good luck finding 'em at a decent price locally; Amazon has Streamlight brand batteries for $1.69 each.

4. AMK Heatsheet: Much better than those cheap-o silver space blankets, $6.51 here.

5. Aquamira Survival Straw: Tiny water filter; keep yourself parasite free! About $9 here.

6. GSI Stainless Steel Nalgene Cup: Nests perfectly on the bottom of a standard Nalgene bottle, great for boiling up a cup of water. $8.95 right here.

Pelican 1020 Micro-Case (Yellow)7. Pelican 1020 Case: An indestructible little case for carrying a PSK or sensitive EDC items, only $13.23.

ELAGO Nano Mobile Micro SD Reader-World Smallest (EL-RD-012,White)8. Zippo Street Chrome Lighter: Everyone needs a Zippo, even if they lose fuel too quickly. This brushed steel model is low-profile and will wear well. It's under $10 too.

9. Elago Micro SD Reader: A tiny micro SD reader, just a smidge bigger than the USBl connector. Sized for wallet or urban pocket survival kit carry, or even just small enough to keep it plugged in most of the time. Keep a Micro SD card in it and it'll work like a standard USB memory stick. Or if you need more storage space, you can keep additional Micro SD cards nearby. $9.00 right here.

10. Shemagh: A favorite in the Mid East and adopted now by special forces and tier 1 cool guys, the Shemagh is a multi-functional piece of gear. Use it for everything you'd use a bandanna for, plus the added length gives you additional options--face covering and so on. It's pretty damn cold in most of the country, and this will keep your face warm, too. $7-$11 from Amazon.