> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Christmas Super-Mega Reader Appreciation Giveaway!



Christmas Super-Mega Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

Get a free one of these.
All right, tis the season for giving, so we've got some of our new TEOTWAWKI Ready t-shirts to give away, free-of-charge.

There's only one requirement: you've got to share the link to TEOTWAWKI Blog with someone else. Use Twitter, Facebook, your blog, e-mail it to someone, tell them in person, put it on your Christmas card, call 'em on the phone, over HAM radio or whatever. You're on your honor for the sharing part--I don't have a worldwide network of spy satellites, just yet.

To enter, post a comment with who you shared TEOTWAWKI Blog with and how you shared it with them. Only one entry per person. 

Contest is open until Monday at 5:00 PM PST, at which time we will pick three winners. Winners will be selected based on whatever criteria we decide; creativity, placement, and whatever else we're feeling at the time.

Sound good? All right then, let the contest begin!