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Attack of the Misc!

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The Warrior's Way
This crazy cowboy/ninja/post-apocalypse? mash-up hit theaters yesterday, and looks like a lot of fun. I make a policy of seeing most any halfway decent action movie, so hopefully I will get out to the theaters for this one. Reviews are pretty decent for a action flick - it's currently pulling a 50% at Rotten Tomatoes. My fave quote: "If Sergio Leone ever made an Asian-western video game, this would be it." If anyone has seen it, post your thoughts in the comments section.

The Walking Dead Finale
The short season has quickly some to an end, with the finale shambling onto your TV this Sunday night. The past few episodes have been amongst my favorites. The show has taken some departures from what I remember from skimming the trade paperback, as I had suspected - which is a good thing, IMO. The finale looks to unveil information about situation across the planet, with some good ol' zombie slaying action mixed in. Sneak peak is here.

Christmas is Coming
Ever have anyone tell you that you're impossible to shop for? Struggle with what to give your prepper buddies? Our annual "Gifts for Survivalists" will help you out - expect it sometime next week. 

I'm also in a couple gift exchanges this year - around a $20 price limit. I'm planning on putting together inexpensive Altoids survival tins for the exchanges, which I will of course share with you guys.