TEOTWAWKI, as many of you know, is an acronym for "the end of the world as we know it." It brings up imagery of Mad Max, post-apocalyptic wastelands and hordes of zombies. Complete societal collapse. Anarchy of biblical proportions.

But really, is that the only way that the "the world as we know it" can end? Some sort of dramatic, disaster-induced collapse? No. And to think of it that way is limiting yourself. 

Expand you thinking. Your "world" is everything that interact with and depend on as you live your life. Any major change can end that world. 

Car crash. Job loss. Your community falls on hard times and crime rates jump. Your kid joins up with a gang. Small, everyday things that have the potential of majorly screwing up your life. 

And bigger things too--D2, for example, has screwed up the lives of millions of people. It's not an apocalypse, but if you're out of a job and lost your home, your previous world is pretty much done and gone. You've got to rebuild.

Of course, the post-apocalypse stuff is more fun to think about. And in some ways, it's easier to prepare for. Stock up on guns, ammo, water and food storage. How do you mitigate your risk of unemployment? Get your kids to hang out with the right crowd? Harder, less escapist questions to answer. But important nonetheless.

You've got a good life and you want to keep it that way. No matter what happens. That's what it's about. 

Prepare for pandemics, zombie hordes, foreign invaders and nuclear apocalypse. Sure. Those are world-enders. But plan for the everyday, higher likelihood stuff that hits closer to home, too. You've been blessed in your life. You have many things to be thankful for. You must protect those things-- your personal world--because no one else will. It's yours. You love it. Work for it. Protect it. Fight for it.