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Knife Bling

Here's one thing that I've been seeing on knife and EDC forums for the past while: knife bling. I don't get it. At all.

$200 lanyard beads. Custom pewter pocket clips. Aftermarket "pimp" jobs. Uhh, what?

I appreciate a good knife as much as the next guy. My EDC knife is a nice $150 Spyderco. And I like skulls and lanyards and skull beads, too. I have some $5 peweter beads that I've used on lanyards and fobs. And some of the custom stuff does look cool. But the prices these things are commanding? Plain nuts. Hundreds of dollars. Madness.

Really, you don't have anything better to do with your money than buy a $150 pocket clip for your knife? Does it increase the utility of your knife? Nope--in fact, it decreases the utility, because now you've got to worry about scratching up your bling clip. Same for the lanyard beads...added worry about scratching up or losing your little $175 bead. It's tacti-lame, friends.

I guess if you have tens of thousands of dollars that you don't know what to do with, it's not going to hurt anything...if you have all your other preps squared away.

I hope no serious preppers have wasted their hard earned cash on this kind of stuff...if you have, I'd sell it off while the fad is still "in" and you can get a good price. Buy something practical. Heck, buy a backup copy of your knife. Or buy some silver bullion if you're in the mood for something shiny. But this knife bling stuff...nope. I don't get it.