> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Special Project: T-SHIRTS ARE HERE!!!



Special Project: T-SHIRTS ARE HERE!!!

Fresh off the truck is our first TEOTWAWKI Blog special project--the TEOTWAWKI Ready t-shirt! We're honestly thrilled with how these turned out. Low-profile post-apocalyptic flavor.

We have sizes from Medium to XXXL available to order right now. There are limited quantities of each at this time--if there's the demand, we may do another print run of these shirts, but for now, this is it! Act fast if you want one!

We hope that this will be just the first of many special projects that we're able to offer. The success of this project will determine whether or not we're able to do so!

Please direct any questions or foreign orders to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com.

Go get your TEOTWAWKI Ready T-Shirt! >