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Attack of the Misc!

Special Project Updates
Looks like we're about ready to order up some of the t-shirts. I'll keep you updated and maybe give a sneak peek. If you're good.

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Inflation Rumblings
Interesting week this week, with the Yemeni mail bombs, elections and the Fed's announcement of their $600 billion "quantitative-easing program." The Fed announcement has flown mostly under the radar, as have rising concerns about inflation. Gold and silver have responded accordingly, closing Friday at $1394.10 and $26.74 respectively. Yikes. Keep an eye on this one.

The Walking Dead
The debut last week got best-ever ratings for AMC and stellar reviews, so it looks like it may be with us for a while. The pilot episode, Days Gone Bye, is available to watch online here. Episode #2 is this Sunday, with a preview available here. Looks good!