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The Walking Dead: Guts

Another good episode and the intro of some new characters. I'm already a big fan of Glenn...I can relate to him. The scenes with the sports car were great.

Definitely not light on gore, that's for sure. Break new ground for a cable TV series, I'm sure. Again, I'm not a queasy, sensitive person, but these was some pretty gross stuff in this episode. The episode title was certainly fitting.

Anyone else groan when Rick referred to the Beretta's magazine as a "clip"? Also, remember that Rick still has that grenade...it should show up again in the season. I was waiting for him to use at some point in the episode, but no dice. I did like that most of the survivors had packs/BOBs of some kind. Nice touch.

Would you have just cuffed the wacko biker to the pipe, or would you have put a bullet in his head and ended the threat he posed? According to the preiew of next week, they're talking about going back to get him...what? Guess you need suspense and conflict to make a story, but really? I guess they may be able to recover Rick's bag of guns, too.