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Yesterday, I Unsubscribed from Survival Blog

Yep. I've been getting SurvivalBlog fed into my RSS reader for about two years now, and had been a daily reader for about two or three years before then. Yesterday, I gave it the ax.

No single post or occurrence motivated my unsubscribing--actually, the recent thread of ignorant AR bashing had something to do with it. But generally, I've just found that I don't get a lot out of SurvivalBlog these days. My chief complaints:

  • Rawles rarely posts anything of his own anymore. The reader contributed articles are of varying quality; most are very long and not very interesting.
  • Too focused on extreme, retreat-style survivalism.
  • Lots of re-hashing of old, worn out topics with little new perspective.
Part of it, I think, is that I feel like I've "graduated" from much of the material. I have my own ideas about preps, survival guns, food storage, likely SHTF scenarios, survival strategies and so on. I well-versed in the SurvivalBlog/Rawles approach to survival. Heck, I've bought and read PatriotsHow to Survive TEOTWAWKI and have been reading the blog on a regular basis for about 4-5 years--I would hope that I've got a pretty good grasp on the material! For much of the same reasons, I rarely frequent survival message boards anymore--there's a paucity of new and useful content.

Aside from my complaints noted above, I'm not about to bash Rawles or SurvivalBlog or tell anyone to unsubscribe. I'm a still a big fan of his work, and am grateful for the things that I've learned from SurvivalBlog. I'll still check in from time to time, I'm sure. But really, we all have a limited amount of "prep" time available, so take a look at what you're spending your reading time on, and make sure that it's beneficial and helpful to you.