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The Walking Dead - Season 5 Finale

Spoilers after the jump.

Great episode. The rumor-mill was running all out for this episode. Daryl was for sure going to die, Glenn was going to die, Father Gabriel was going to die, Carl was going to get his eyeball shot out...

And when the episode opened on Morgan (finally!) brewing up a cup of coffee and the big bad evil leader of the Wolves (Negan, I am presuming) strolled up with a pistol in hand, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to make it out of there alive.

Of course, I'd forgotten that Morgan had acquired Book of Eli-level bo staff skills somewhere along the line.

This was one of those great, tense conversations that the Walking Dead does really well every now and then. You know its going to explode into violence at any moment...edge of the seat.

Unfortunately, Morgan hasn't picked up Rick's skill at tying up loose ends, which has 1000% likelihood of coming back to haunt the collective group. "All life is precious now" is a nice thought and all, but the life of murderous scum ain't precious.

The episode proceeded to put most of the rumored characters into near death situations. All made it through, which was hugely surprising. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Was wanting Father Gabriel to get eaten/shot...that crazy bastard has outlived his welcome.

End of the episode set up the big bad evil guys for next season, brought Morgan into the fold at last and seemed to solidify Team Rick's place in the ASZ.

Was Rick executing the abusive husband, or was he putting down the leader woman's husband prior to becoming a zombie?

The Wolves/Negan will make for good baddies - the nefarious creativity of the food warehouse trap, brutality...seem to only really care about looting, plundering and murdering. Somehow a lot more threatening than the Governor.

Also - anyone else catch the pro-2A themes? Team Rick's struggle to stay armed. The exiled family was exiled because they had turned in their guns and couldn't do anything about it. Rick, the one guy with enough balls to have a gun, saving the day when zombies and the angry drunk husband show up.

Good stuff.

What did you guys think?


  1. The woman was cradling her husband. Rick was looking at her. When she told him to shoot, Rick turned behind him...indicating that the target was away from where Rick had previously been facing. So, as best I can tell, he shot the abusive husband. And, storywise, this makes sense. In one move, the leader of Alexandria lands solidly in Ricks "Kill em all" camp, in front of her supporters who now see the necessity of harsh responses.

    Of course, Morgan is around to pick up the torch Dale dropped about how life is precious and wonderful and that not everyone needs to be shot when they do something bad. This is sort of evidenced in the last few minutes of the show...Glenn spares his attackers life, Maggie/Sasha sitting with Fr. Gabriel (who really needs to die), Morgan sparing his attackers, etc.

    Re: The exiled family. Maybe I missed it, but Aaron said 'two men and a woman'..he didnt say family. And I wonder if those people, whom he he seemed to give an unusual amount of detail about (like how smart the guy was) aren't part of the new group of bad guys. That was a goodly amount of exposition.

    Carol is rapidly becoming my favorite character. With her hard-as-nails, trust-no-one, attitude and ,frankly, soccer-mom-meets-Sarah-Connor hotness. Sure, she's an older chick but she's kinda turning into a badass.

    All in all, they really packed a lot into this episode and it was sometimes a bit mych to keep track of. Eugene, Tara, Carl, Maggie, and Judith are pretty much relegated to bit parts but there's only so much you can do in 90 minutes.

    One happy thing: When Morgan grabs the SIG and tries to fire it, the gun 'clicks' empty. Then he pulls the trigger repeatedly, the gun clicks repeatedly, and we see the hammer actually move and fall. A big change from the usual where someone fires something like a Glock or 1911 and it clicks several times.

    Trivia: In an interview, the woman playing the leader of the town, mentioned that she is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter and tries to portray herself as Hillary. (At least, the 'positive' parts.)

    1. Hillary has positive parts? :)

      Agree about Carol. The character has made a heck of a journey from the scared abused house wife to the badass 'grey woman' we saw in the finale. One of my favorite characters as well.

      There are definitely a few parts I need to go back and re-watch. That's what I get for watching it at 5am!

    2. I agree with Wolf- There is not one "positive part" about/to Hillary Clinton

  2. I enjoyed the episode too. Finally found out what the 'W' carved on walker foreheads was. I still don't get the point of collecting zombies (Wolf pair) - what is that all about ? Rick stepped up big time - and I think Alexandria may finally coming around to seeing why Rick's group is so paranoid about what is out there.

    I thought Rick was going to be exiled, with the group splitting up on who was going with him. Also thought Daryl was going to die along with Aaron - very good timing on Morgan's part, showing up when he did. Going to be a long hiatus - well done AMC.

  3. PineslayerMarch 31, 2015

    Will Morgan stay? After seeing Rick shoot someone, will he decide that the group does not share his views? Ditto on Carol being hot.

    So much has happened over the past 5 seasons, that I might have to binge watch them.

    1. I suspect the whole purpose of Morgan and his apparent quest to find Rick is so that Morgan can redeem him and 'bring him back' to being the kind of person he was when they first met.

  4. Will Rick become the new leader of Alexandria next season? Also from what I have seen on the internet it looks like season 6 might very well be the last. Maybe they plan on the companion series set in LA to take over, who knows!!!