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The Walking Dead - Season 5 Finale

Spoilers after the jump.

Great episode. The rumor-mill was running all out for this episode. Daryl was for sure going to die, Glenn was going to die, Father Gabriel was going to die, Carl was going to get his eyeball shot out...

And when the episode opened on Morgan (finally!) brewing up a cup of coffee and the big bad evil leader of the Wolves (Negan, I am presuming) strolled up with a pistol in hand, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to make it out of there alive.

Of course, I'd forgotten that Morgan had acquired Book of Eli-level bo staff skills somewhere along the line.

This was one of those great, tense conversations that the Walking Dead does really well every now and then. You know its going to explode into violence at any moment...edge of the seat.

Unfortunately, Morgan hasn't picked up Rick's skill at tying up loose ends, which has 1000% likelihood of coming back to haunt the collective group. "All life is precious now" is a nice thought and all, but the life of murderous scum ain't precious.

The episode proceeded to put most of the rumored characters into near death situations. All made it through, which was hugely surprising. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Was wanting Father Gabriel to get eaten/shot...that crazy bastard has outlived his welcome.

End of the episode set up the big bad evil guys for next season, brought Morgan into the fold at last and seemed to solidify Team Rick's place in the ASZ.

Was Rick executing the abusive husband, or was he putting down the leader woman's husband prior to becoming a zombie?

The Wolves/Negan will make for good baddies - the nefarious creativity of the food warehouse trap, brutality...seem to only really care about looting, plundering and murdering. Somehow a lot more threatening than the Governor.

Also - anyone else catch the pro-2A themes? Team Rick's struggle to stay armed. The exiled family was exiled because they had turned in their guns and couldn't do anything about it. Rick, the one guy with enough balls to have a gun, saving the day when zombies and the angry drunk husband show up.

Good stuff.

What did you guys think?