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Busy-ness, PT, AR-(20)15, the Glock 43, 5.56...

Been pretty crazy busy 'round here as of late. Slammed at work, three little kiddos,  getting caught up on house projects and starting up some much needed PT/strength training. Spare time - and spare time when I can sit at a keyboard, focus for five minutes and hammer out some coherent thoughts - has been pretty durn limited as of late.

Heck, I haven't even watched last night's Walking Dead yet!

A week ago, I finally made it out to the range to get project AR-(20)15 sighted in and run through its initial paces. Threw a bit of Lucky Gunner-provided ammo down range and the carbine ran extra smoothly. It deserves its own standalone entry, but suffice it to say that I am well pleased. More to come on that, and I know I owe a write up or two on some questions that came from the tribe.

Unless you've been living under a rock, Glock finally dropped a single stack 9mm, the 43. They will sell a couple million of these puppies. I am somewhat glad that I've held off on buying a single stack 9 of my own. Glock 43 and the XD(s) are the contenders right now.

5.56 is quickly recovering from the mini-panic now that the proposed "framework to be stupid" has been withdrawn by the BATF. Also, we not only won that round, but got the Director to take his ball and go home to the private sector. Good work, 'Merica.

A few interesting pieces of legislature are in the works, too - proposals to rid the world of the BATF and/or simply limit its ability to ban the sale of ammo.

Either would be great in my book!


  1. Take that B. Todd Jones! Good riddance.

    I'm sure we'd all love to see the ATF go away for good. It's basically an agency whose sole objective is to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Any of their legitimate functions could be easily turned over to the FBI--an agency that has better things to do things to do than bully gun owners all day. Or better yet repeal gun laws entirely on the federal level and leave up to the states to decide. But I'm not going to hold my breath--historically once a federal agency/program/regulation is created it is next to impossible to get rid of it. I'm afraid the ATF is probably here to stay.

  2. PineslayerMarch 24, 2015

    Walking Dead spoiler...just kidding, I wouldn't do that. My wife was running through all the permutations of what next week would look like, 90min finale.

    I have heard a few speculations on why Mr. ATF left. Time will tell if it was good or bad, believe it or not, but the next one could be worse. The best T-shirt I have seen recently said, The Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government entity.

  3. Unsolicited advise incoming!

    On the exercise note: if you don't have a lot of time and want the "garage workout" optimized, check out kettlebells or sandbag training. You gain practical strength and endurance with minimal excess bulk.

    If you could, I'd recommend you pair it up with a practical martial art of your choice and you're golden.

    1. Have been looking at sand bags - any particular set up you would recommend?

    2. If you don't mind mending your bags/ fillers with extra stitching (for the webbing) or gorilla tape (for the filler bags), you can go with this:


      @ 40#, it's a little light for Men's MetCons (Metabolic Conditioning).

      I have these guys:


      Sturdy, and very good customer service.

      I would recommend the Strength bag, or the Strength + Power Combo. Or, you can go Strength and get a 25# or 35# kettlebell to round out the dynamic weights training.

      I started with this brand of kettlebell:


      Coating is brittle, so if you bang it on concrete it might chip off in pieces.


      Coated so less chipping, but handles may or may not be rough, it's a crapshoot. Nothing sandpaper can't fix.

      If you're big on Made in the USA, this is a vet owned small business that is made in the Northeast:


      Much pricier, but I like the contours.

      And of course, the staple kettlebell in plenty of boxes and gyms:


      I would also recommend getting this DVD, at less than $8 it's a steal:


      First 2 DVDs are good for learning, the other 2 have pretty good MetCons.

  4. Day TripperMarch 26, 2015

    Get you one of these...


    You can do a ton of stuff with it indoors, or outdoors, or in a hotel room. Great little body weight gym set up for less than $30.

  5. What is this "Spare Time" thing you mentioned in the beginning of the post? Is that some new tactical thing that I haven't heard about?