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The Walking Dead 5:10

The depress-fest continues on the Walking Dead...

Synopsis of the episode: the group mopes and stumbles around for 40 minutes, then meets a "friend" who looks like he's straight out of an Eddie Bauer catalog.

It is good that the squad had to face lack of resources (food/water), and struggle with the psychological toll of little/no hope for tomorrow and losing many of their friends and family. That's often what a real survival scenario looks like...pretty grim.

Unfortunately, it's also not a lot o' fun to watch. In terms of "interesting stuff happening", outside of the dude at the end, this was pretty much a throw away episode after last week's Tyrese: This is your Life special.

The storm - zombies - holding the barn door scene was especially odd. The way that it was shot, the wife and I thought it was a dream sequence. Became clear that it wasn't afterwards, but confusingly shot/edit.

We did get to see the first appearance of a classic post-apocalyptic trope: a wild dog attack. Exciting! Also worm eating, too.

I was hoping the "friend" who donated the water to the group was Morgan, and he'd stroll out of hiding to say "Look, cheer up dudes, I have something interesting for us to do!" - but alas, it looks like that was mysterious stranger (Aaron), instead.
So - to the real talking point of the episode: who is this Aaron dude and where does he come from? Obviously has showered and put on a set of clean clothes recently...if he's a bad guy--maybe a member of the Wolves bandit group from last week--then he's got an odd approach for waging an attack on the team. He knows that Rick is the leader, too - how'd he figure that out?

Spoiler: If some logic, a bit o' Google and the storyline from the comics don't lie, he's not actually a bad guy and instead comes from the Alexandria Safe Zone. Maybe Morgan is there, too, and told 'em about Rick being the leader and all that. I'm looking forward to their arrival in Alexandria, as it'll end the aimless wandering they've been doing since the fall of the prison.

Your thoughts about the episode?