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Meister on Caches

The $1K Cache post inspired some good discussion on the topic, here and elsewhere. Frequent commenter / T-Blog buddy Meister has been pumping out some thought-provoking posts on caches over at his place.

Meister's put some heavy investment into diversifying his preparations into well thought out and well placed caches. Recommended reading:
Some specific comments:
  • Meister-level caches are probably impractical / out of budget for most folks, but a cache doesn't need to have $3-$5k worth of stuff in it to be worthwhile
  • Be smart, responsible and aware of local laws if you include firearms in a cache
  • Meister's paid special attention to where he stores his caches...very secure, out of the way and private locations
  • They're not buried in the ground. That's so 1990s, people!


  1. He and I have been holding a parallel conversation on the matter. He noted that when it comes to some more expensive items you could easily focus on capabilities (rifle, knife, etc) and scale down to fit a more modest budget.

    Also while it is true most folks can't write a 5k check for a cache full of stuff today many folks have a lot of that stuff already. It's the Mini 14 you got from a buddy to clear up a debt or that AR you built for 3 gun that hasn't been shot in years.

  2. Very nice and interesting blog, thanks for this post..it's been great reading this.

  3. One of the things I've tried to stress is that each of these Cache kits is fully scalable. Concentrate more on causation for having the kit in place, and less on building the perfect kit for Armageddon.

    The Minuteman kit was built almost entirely from spare kit. The AR was originally a spare lower I bought before the 2008 election cycle when they were cheap. It's not like I built these overnight.

    The Grey Man Cache has only been in place since last year, and it wasn't originally intended to be a Cache. Originally it was a range bag with enough gear in it to head to the range or to work out at the gym with friends. Over time it became it's own idea during a late night coffee and gun cleaning session after a very rainy and cold range day.

    Find the need, fill the need.