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Terror in Paris

From Larry Correia:

There was yet another Islamic terrorist attack, this time against a satirical magazine in France. Twelve people dead because they believed in free speech.
First off, let’s keep the people of France in our prayers. I know a lot of French people now. They’re good people. They don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

Second, to the moral equivalence crowd, and their inevitable cries about how everybody is all equally the same, and Christians and Jews have done bad things too, and their fears about the inevitable backlash against Muslims that never materializes because the west aren’t barbarians… To you people, to the smug, self-righteous leftists, go to hell.

Just like everybody else, I got up this morning and checked the internet. I read the reports. Those pissed me off, but they aren’t shocking at this point. Islamic terrorists saw people’s heads off, blow up buildings, busses, trains, marathons, shoot up hospitals, shoot up schools, kidnap hundreds of girls to rape them and sell them as sex slaves, on and on and on. They do this often in countries where they can operate with impunity, and they do it occasionally in the west when they can get away with it.

This particular attack hit the west, and it was galling because it struck directly at one of our sacred values, free speech, the ability to speak out against whatever we are feel compelled to speak against. So of course, the apologist cowards in western media started blurring out pictures of the offending cartoons.

It is asinine. Islamic terrorists recently massacred a school. A whole school. Hundreds of kids. Hell, hundreds of Muslim kids, but that didn’t get hardly any attention in the western media. Instead, a fabricated story about some woman in a head scarf getting shamed by racist Australians got more coverage. A lie about how the west might be surly in the wake of hostages being murdered got more coverage than actual evil.

From Alex:

Yes, even in countries with strict gun control laws, bad guys can get a hold of
guns. Seems that, along with intentions to murder, they don't much care about gun laws. Heck, police are reporting that these might have a rocket launcher. Doubtful they went through legal channels for that one, either.

These murderous bastards had a plan and weren't amateurs--at least one of the brothers had trained in Al Queda in Yemen terror camp and the other served prison time for involvement with jihadi recruiting. They were a known quantity to law enforcement, well connected to the jihadi community yet were able to plan, arm up and launch the attack without the intel community catching on.

They gunned down two police officers, the staff of Charlie Hebdo and escaped in broad daylight. We're going on day two of the entirety of French law enforcement hunting for these guys.

They'll be caught or gunned down eventually, but the comparative success of this attack may well encourage similar jihadis to launch their own attacks. Such an attack doesn't require a whole lot of logistics or sophistication to pull off...a couple guys with guns, murderous desire and willingness to die for one's cause.

But, if these jihadis are so excited to get to know Allah better, we've got a whole lot of people who would be happy to arrange the meeting...

Gun laws don't work, good guys with guns are the only thing that stops bad guys with guns.

Get trained, get your carry license and carry. Vote pro 2nd amendment.  Support the police. Celebrate the first amendment and free speech.

And, I hope a couple helicopter loads of door kickers are enroute to the Yemeni training camps right now...