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Terror in Paris

From Larry Correia:

There was yet another Islamic terrorist attack, this time against a satirical magazine in France. Twelve people dead because they believed in free speech.
First off, let’s keep the people of France in our prayers. I know a lot of French people now. They’re good people. They don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

Second, to the moral equivalence crowd, and their inevitable cries about how everybody is all equally the same, and Christians and Jews have done bad things too, and their fears about the inevitable backlash against Muslims that never materializes because the west aren’t barbarians… To you people, to the smug, self-righteous leftists, go to hell.

Just like everybody else, I got up this morning and checked the internet. I read the reports. Those pissed me off, but they aren’t shocking at this point. Islamic terrorists saw people’s heads off, blow up buildings, busses, trains, marathons, shoot up hospitals, shoot up schools, kidnap hundreds of girls to rape them and sell them as sex slaves, on and on and on. They do this often in countries where they can operate with impunity, and they do it occasionally in the west when they can get away with it.

This particular attack hit the west, and it was galling because it struck directly at one of our sacred values, free speech, the ability to speak out against whatever we are feel compelled to speak against. So of course, the apologist cowards in western media started blurring out pictures of the offending cartoons.

It is asinine. Islamic terrorists recently massacred a school. A whole school. Hundreds of kids. Hell, hundreds of Muslim kids, but that didn’t get hardly any attention in the western media. Instead, a fabricated story about some woman in a head scarf getting shamed by racist Australians got more coverage. A lie about how the west might be surly in the wake of hostages being murdered got more coverage than actual evil.

From Alex:

Yes, even in countries with strict gun control laws, bad guys can get a hold of
guns. Seems that, along with intentions to murder, they don't much care about gun laws. Heck, police are reporting that these might have a rocket launcher. Doubtful they went through legal channels for that one, either.

These murderous bastards had a plan and weren't amateurs--at least one of the brothers had trained in Al Queda in Yemen terror camp and the other served prison time for involvement with jihadi recruiting. They were a known quantity to law enforcement, well connected to the jihadi community yet were able to plan, arm up and launch the attack without the intel community catching on.

They gunned down two police officers, the staff of Charlie Hebdo and escaped in broad daylight. We're going on day two of the entirety of French law enforcement hunting for these guys.

They'll be caught or gunned down eventually, but the comparative success of this attack may well encourage similar jihadis to launch their own attacks. Such an attack doesn't require a whole lot of logistics or sophistication to pull off...a couple guys with guns, murderous desire and willingness to die for one's cause.

But, if these jihadis are so excited to get to know Allah better, we've got a whole lot of people who would be happy to arrange the meeting...

Gun laws don't work, good guys with guns are the only thing that stops bad guys with guns.

Get trained, get your carry license and carry. Vote pro 2nd amendment.  Support the police. Celebrate the first amendment and free speech.

And, I hope a couple helicopter loads of door kickers are enroute to the Yemeni training camps right now...



  1. All the while we want to turn our own law enforcement back into Barney. In France officers had to flee the shooting incident because some of them were unarmed. This only reinforces we need some level of law enforcement trained at higher level including armored vehicles along with an armed population. Some do not like the idea of militarization of police but it is the world we live in this day and age with such threats as Islamic terrorist.

    1. Yeah, we need super popo all right. As they show up after the fact. We need constitutional carry. One or two armed citizens, on the scene, could have ruined the bad guy's whole day.

    2. Yep, some guy with no training or maybe just an 8hr CCL class is what we need out there is place of LE battling a couple of guys with AKs that just came back from Syria or some other 3rd world shit hole! That mentality is part of the problem with some not all on the open carry side. It should also be noted that those gunman in France were armed citizens, and it did not work out so well for 12 other people. So not all armed citizens are a good thing!!!

    3. I approve of guns for all good guys.

    4. 3rd, from the reports i see of cops firing 40 plus rounds and hitting only bystanders, i'll take my chances with the ccw carrier, lol. remember the surfer they shot 100 rounds at his truck in l.a., the wrong guy, and never touched him? or the two old ladies delivering the papers? or the two gang squads in cincinatti shooting it out in the school parking lot and , luckily, not hitting anybody?

    5. The problem lies with a friend and foe identification when you have multiple persons pull firearms. You and I show up and we both pull our firearms and we do not know each other. I have to decide as you would have to also is that guy a bad guy or is he one of the good guys. If you decide wrong your dead or you killed a law bidding CC holder or an off duty LEO. Big problem!!!

      For every incident of poor shot place by a LEO we can cite incidents where LEO were dead on. Having a CC does not make you an automatic crack shoot. Unfortunately most CC permits only require you to shoot max from the 7 yard line. Most public range do not allow for any dynamic firearm training, but in fact restrict and limit how you can train with your firearm.

      I have trained with non-LEO shooters, most recently via a Travis Haley class. The non-LEO guys who attended the training were all pretty squared away and I would have not had a problem with any one of them on my 6, but not everyone seeks out that level of training. To many just attend a CC class and think they are trained and tactically ready!!!!

      I still fall back to my biggest concern of friend or foe identification. I do train my officers for such incidents of friend or foe, but how many CC holder do?

  2. first, i was a cop back in the day. today's leo's are way over the top with egos and gunplay. armed yes, military kitted-up no. we had a saying training troops. look like a soldier long enough you begin to feel like one and act like one......now, these jihadturds had some training yes, but their plan ended at the newspaper. one guy even left his id in the getaway car. then they rambled around, robbing a gas station for road money, now have hostages. last report i got before coming to work was that another party was shooting up a police checkpoint. though semi-trained in use of arms, these jokers are not what the fearmongers want us to believe. just punks with guns, and as always the solution to that is citizens with guns........what's not being reported is the fact that jokers like these are running unchecked all over europe's streets raping, robbing, beating and killing and nobody does a damned thing and are shocked when it escalates into something like this. they are too afraid of looking "racist" to tell the truth to their own people lest the people want arms again. we are headed that way fast if we don't stop it now. i hope this wakes some do-gooders up to reality but i fear the idiots will cry "gun control" even louder. out here.

    1. When you were a cop back in the day things were different. We can not police as if it is the 1950s anymore than we can treat minorities in this country as if it was the 1950s. LE like any profession has to continually modernize based on the ever changing environment they work in.

      So, what would you consider proper armament, training and gear for law enforcement based on your experience from way back when?

    2. it was the 80's, not 50's. its not about minorities its about mindset. we were issued the s&w model 64. we got damned good with it knowing we only had 6. we were held responsible for every round, and had better not miss. that got you a blue letter, a warning of sorts.couple of those you were looking for work. you better not pull your weapon until you made up your mind somebody needed killing, not even if they had a gun. it had to be pointed at you and would help your case if they actually said they intended to kill you. otherwise you were facing a 60's judge asking why you didn't back away. i made a stop on i95 one night, guy opened up on me with an uzi, emptied the mag. lucky he was stupid and high. judge asked me in court why i didn't get back in the car and back out of range. that's when i started looking into other lines of work. now its gone 180 degrees out. a few months ago i got pulled over, couple miles over the limit. local guy gets out decked in black, boots bloused, m4 slung cross his chest, pointing it in my face. for a traffic ticket? my bil law is sheriff of the next county over. he said he loses prime candidates when they get to the combatives course. they didn't think they had to lay hands on people. since they made schoolyard fights into felonies, nobody knows how to fight so they go to the gun too soon. they aren't taught conflict resolution and have zero "people skills". we considered an arrest avoided for minor offense a victory. now its cuff 'em and stuff 'em. "everybody better listen to the man. " there are a hundred new bad cop vids every day, its disgusting. i'd have been fired and charged for the least of the offenses you see there. the only thing that has changed is police attitudes towards the people. yeah, it sucks being lumped in with those kinds of cops, but until people see you police yourselves it is what it is.

    3. Back when I started in the 80s I carry a revolver and shotgun and so did the bad guys. Now they carry Glocks and AKs, So now I carry a Glock and AR!!! You in all likelihood carried a slapper and a night stick, now we carry pepper spray and a Tazer. How you did thinks in the 80s are no longer except able today. No longer is it ok to slap a guy up side of the head with a lead filled piece of leather or break their legs with a night stick. What people do not realize is that LE of your day and before were brutally violent. If we had video cameras everywhere back in the day like we do currently I think there would have been a lot of LEO in prison for civil rights violations. LE has not gotten worse since you were a LEO, we are just being held to a higher standard than in your day. I personally like cameras in my car and on my person, because they protect me from false allegations as well as protecting the arrested person.

    4. carried a slapper, called a sap down here, and used it in leui of a gun several times. i don't know where you work/worked but down here the climate had drastically changed by the mid 80's when i came on the job. judges and aclu/naacp lawyers held us to a rediculous standard but it was admittedly better for the public. like i said i was asked on more that one occasion why i returned fire rather than "back out of range". though i did get wrote up once for talking to a speeder too long that wouldn't sign the ticket. i was shot at a couple times, part of the job. i held my fire when it would have been a "righteous shoot" more than once and made the arrest without bloodshed after they ran dry. i just think cops these days need more conflict resolution skills/patience and less shoot house concentration. many have forgotten their humanity along the way to becoming robocops. believe me, i respect good cops, lived the life, miss it to this day, have a couple degrees in it.i'm not a hater, just think they could do better.

    5. I work in Texas. I think you would be surprised that LE shoot far fewer people these days, because of the additional tools such as the Taser, pepper spray, ASP that are always on them, and higher accountability. If Officer Wilson would have been carrying his Taser on that faithful day he may not have had to jump all they way to deadly force. I maybe wrong but that is just my observation. I myself have been doing this over 27 years, and have fought my share of fights, but never have had to resort to deadly force even though a few qualified. There are quit a few lawman of the past 100 years who were nothing more than killers with a badge for sure. The famous Texas Ranger Frank Hamer who got Bonnie and Clyde had killed between 53 and 70 people during his LE career. He was only one of many.

      Now a question:
      "local guy gets out decked in black, boots bloused, m4 slung cross his chest, pointing it in my face."

      If he had an M4 slung across his chest how in the hell was he able to drive and get out. I have pull my carbine out from the passenger side area to the driver side and it is a difficult task because of the MDT and other equipment in the way. It is a pretty tight fit inside of a modern patrol car. If you are willing to share the county I might see if I can obtain some video of this officers/deputy.

      "just think they could do better"

      This is the story of all of us my friend. We should always strive to do better in our professional and personal lives. It is truly work in progress!!!!

  3. correction:
    How you did things in the 80s are no longer except able today.

    1. Acceptable.

    2. Thanks for the correction!!! I should have caught such a basic word!!!