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Christmas Gifts for Survivalists - 2014 Edition

The Christmas season is one our favorite times of the year. Time off work, good food, giving and receiving of gifts.

For whatever reason, it seems that we survival/prepper types can be difficult to shop for.

Back in 2009, we started up an annual "Christmas gifts for survivalists" series to help you guide friends and family in the right direction for their gift giving.

For 2014, we're continuing that tradition, breaking down a slew of stocking stuffers and affordable gift ideas that fit any budget. If you order quickly, most of these should make it to your door by Christmas without issue.

$10 and Under

ResQMe Keychain
These lightweight little tools combine a window punch and seat belt cutter in one compact little package. Hope you will never need it, but have it on hand just in case. Link

Breakfree CLP 
CLP is the good ol' standby when it comes to gun cleaning and lubricant. It gets the job done well and it never hurts to have a lil' extra on hand. Link

299 Days: The Preparation
Set before an economic collapse, this is a different kind of prepper novel. It's low on action and instead focuses on how the main character gets motivated to get off his butt and start preparing. Good for both new and seasoned survivalists alike - either educational or affirming, depending on how far down the path you are. Link

McNett Gruntline
A lightweight, multifunctional bungie cord that you'll almost certainly find a use for - even if it's hanging laundry while traveling.

12v Clip on Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Clip onto a battery to get a 12v cigarette lighter outlet when you need one. Car batteries are an abundant source of electricity, and one of these inexpensive gadgets would enable you to scavenge it while on the move. Link

Brass Catcher
Straps onto any AR-15 style rifle and catches brass as it is kicked out. Great if you're a reloader or just sick of picking up brass off the ground. Link  

$25 and Under

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel
I love this thing. Shovel and a great chopper in one bomb-proof package. It's one of my favorites for work around the yard and comes along for every camping trip. And, by the very metal Cold Steel montage, looks like it'd do alright as a weapon, too. At $15, they're one of the best bargains out there. Link 

Sawyer Mini
Fits in the palm of your hand, weighs a couple ounces yet will filter 100,000 gallons of water. The Sawyer line blows every other filter out of the water. Link

Anker Astro E3 10000 mAh Backup Battery
Most of us carry around little pocket computers that were once the stuff of science fiction. They can do a whole heck of a lot...unless the battery is dead, in which case they might work as a signal mirror. A backup battery is an everyday carry must-have, and Anker makes some of the best in the business. Link 

Firearm Magazines
Mags are one thing you can never have too many of them. Most will run in this $25 ballpark. Buy factory, branded magazines--don't cheap out on Korean surplus, TAPCO, etc. They won't work right, and the shooter will probably waste valuable ammo trying to figure that out.

Mold it, shape it, fix stuff...this self-setting rubber is good for all kinds of repairs and modifications. Once cured, it's water proof and withstands both high and low temperatures. Multipurpose problem solver. Link

Gator Grip Universal Socket
I've had one of these for the past six or seven years, and it's gotten me out of some jams. It works very well in a pinch, when you don't have the right sized socket to work on a bolt. A heck of a lot more compact than a full socket set, too. Link 

1 Oz. of Silver
Hard to go wrong with a chunk of precious metals. There are lots of cool designs, old coins and such to choose from. Silver is cheap right now, too. Link

That's should be a good list to get your friends and family kick started! Stay tuned for more.