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Christmas Gifts for Survivalists

Survivalists actually have to be some of the easiest people to shop for, as they're always looking for a piece of gear or a case of supplies to put back. However, if you're the rare prepper who has all that he needs, or perhaps you s/o doesn't dig the idea of wrapping up a case of ammo, then here are a few ideas for Christmas-time treats.

CMMG Tactical Bacon
We've all been in that high-speed, tactical situation where a can of fully cooked bacon would have come in damn handy. Spendy at just under $16 before shipping, but it has a shelf life of 10+ years. And hey, when the world ends, you will have delicious bacon and no one else will. Go >

Left 4 Dead Holiday Cards

I think greeting cards are amongst man's most useless creations. I usually practice the typical "check for cash & chuck" technique. But not these cards--they are worth holding onto. Really, what could remind you more of Christmas than Zoe, Bill, Louis, Francis and their zombie pals? There's zombie gingerbread men, molotov cocktails, oh and even a cute Boomer making a snow man. There are two sets of 10 --one for L4D and one for L4D2. Thinkgeek has 'em >

TAD Gear Folding Titanium Spork
Quite simply the king of all eating utensils. Folds conveniently for pocket or pack carry, and comes with an onboard can/bottle opener. And it's made from titanium, the uber-metal. TAD Gear's site recently fell prey to hackers, but they have resolved the issue with help of some friends in high echelons of government cyber warfare division or some such. The newly secured site is rocking, and TAD will be offering a discount to new order in the near future. TAD is awesome, so give 'em your holiday support. TAD Gear >

How to Survive the End of the World as we Know It: Tactics, Techniques and Technologies for Uncertain Times
Phewf--that's a LONG title. This is the newest book from "Papa Bear" James Wesley, Rawles, founder and guru behind SurvivalBlog. You've probably heard about it, and if you haven't, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I can't vouch for it yet, but followers of SurvivalBlog know that Rawles has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things TEOTWAWKI-related. There's bound to be lots of good stuff inside. Get it >

Alas, Baylon by Pat Frank
This classic survival novel deserves a place on everyone's bookshelf. Nuclear war breaks out, and a family in a small Florida town does their best to survive the aftermath. A little old-school, but none-the-less a great read. Alas, Babylon >

Ammo Can shirt by M855 Design
Your armory is filled with these cans, so why not have a t-shirt to match? I imagine that the writing will look like gobbledygook to the average person--but you and your band of brothers will know exactly what it's talking about. Steel core 5.56mm goodness, baby. Note--these are of an athletic cut, so make sure you've got the "guns" to go with it. Only L and XL left. M855 Design >

Magpul Dynamics:The  Art of the Tactical Carbine, Volume 2
Chris Costa and Travis Haley are my heroes, what with Costa's manly beard and Haley's cat like reflexes. If you haven't seen the first Magpul Dynamics DVD,The Art of the Tactical Carbine, well I feel sorry for you. These are amongst the best training DVDs available--awesome instruction, awesome production quality, no B.S. magic ninja techniques. This newest DVD collection moves into more advanced techniques, including working from the support side and one-handed weapons malfunction drills. It's really, really good stuff. On top of that, there's a DVD that breaks down each drill/technique in slow motion, for detailed study and practice, and another with a discussion of various AR-15 style rifles and associated gear. And Costa and Haley are engaging, motivating and entertaining instructors. Well worth the price of admission. Bust 'em! >

The Annihilator by Dead On Tools
This is the frightening, just-got-out-of-prison brother of the Stanley Fubar mentioned a few days ago. While the Fubar looks somewhat like a tool, the looks Annihilator purely lethal. Which is not necessarily a bad thing in an anti-zombie melee weapon. It's got more sharp and stabby edges than I can count, and functions as a hammer, pry bar and convenient bottle opener. Get the Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar >