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The Road > Limited Release only

Well, back from the Thanksgiving Break and a bought of flu (weee!), wanted to go see The Road on Saturday afternoon. Lo and behold, it was playing NOWHERE nearby. I don't live out in the boondocks, but near a major city in the Western U.S. I've never had a problem seeing a new release movie, ever. What's the deal?

Pissed off, I turned to the interwebs and found others complaining of the same problem. In seems the distribution company has decided to do a limited/rolling release of the movie. Lame. This movie was supposed to come out last fall, was pushed back by a year, and now they can't even release it correctly? I would understand if this was a steamer of a film like Pluto Nash, but it's gotten solid reviews, has a name brand cast, and is based on a book that won a Pulitzer Prize. What the hell?

I can't find a listing of when the movie will be released on a wider scale, no note on the movie's official website. It may not come out on a wider scale at all.

I don't get it.  Whoever is in charge of the film's release is an incompetent fool who needs to find a new line of work.

Anyone with any info--post in the comments.