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What have you been up to?

Been busy on good stuff lately, as you may have noticed by a dip in posting frequency.

For the few who have been asking, yep, I am working on You Took Away Tomorrow, or what I should probably at this point just call THE BOOK. It's going to be dramatically different from the story you read here...bigger, badder, better. I have time off scheduled this month and I plan to use a good chunk of that to make some really good progress on where I want to take THE BOOK. Thank you for your continued interest on that front.

299 Days
I've been listening to the first of the 299 Days series during my daily commute. I'm sure I'm probably one of the last to the party on this one...honestly, I mostly do audiobooks these days, but had heard enough good things about this series to give it a try. About 3/4 of the way through. It's a very different take on the 'survivalist' novel...essentially, talking through the preparations a country boy turned lawyer is making to prepare for what he envisions as a coming collapse. I'm enjoying it, and largely because I see bits and pieces of myself and my experiences within the main character, Grant. He's an easy character to relate to--family man, professional trying his best to prepare for uncertain times. Looking forward to seeing where the story goes...there are 10 books in the series thus far, so I've obviously got some catching up to do.

Food Storage
Having been making decent progress here. We used up a fair amount of our commonly used items after the baby this summer...almost cleared the deep freezer out. So, have been replenishing those stocks, adding canned goods and staples here and there. I am planning on mylar bagging and boxing up some bulk staples this coming weekend.

Diet & Exercise
Working on shedding some poundage. Eating less and substituting a protein shake for one meal. Walking during breaks at work; 1 to 3 miles a day, usually. Will start weights again this week. Really a top priority for me.

Range & Reloading
Got a membership to a local indoor range last month...I went shooting more in October than in the entire year prior. Feels good to have a regular place to shoot again...a void in my soul has been filled.

In support of my range visits, I've been reloading a bunch of 9mm 124 grain FMJs. I've got the Hornady LNL dialed in well and am comfortable running the press. I took a couple months break from reloading after the new baby, it's good to get back into it. Very rewarding to hear the sound of new ammo clunk into the output bin. And, I've worked up a pretty decent load, too - I prefer it to the factory American Eagle ammo I have put back for practice purposes.

Gear Clean Out
More clean out is underway and Survivalist Garage Sale Mk2 is imminent  I just need to snap some pictures and post it up. Will have a nice rolling PowerFilm solar panel, lots of Pencott Greenzone gear and other stuff up for grabs.

As a reminder, I've got lots of the bomb rider patches and stickers in stock, too. Hit up the T-blog store to buy 'em.

Phewf! That's it for updates from me -- what have you been up to?