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November 2014 threat level?

After a long while of mostly doom, gloom and attacks on our liberties, some good news for a change...
  • The economy is doing better. Unemployment is at a 6-year low. Markets have reacted well to the elections and are generally doing fairly well--closed at a record today.
    • The drop in PM prices is tied directly to the market performance--gold and silver prices go up when markets are bad (flight to quality), and go down when markets are good.
  • With Republicans in control of Congress, our gun rights are protected for the next 2 years. Public sentiment is swinging away from gun control in recent polls (something like 60% oppose new gun control legislation), and the Dems have suffered for their brainless attacks on the 2nd Amendment.
    • Most of the "revolutionary" talk comes from the legit concern around the .gov trying to forcefully disarm the populace. Simply put, that's not going to happen in the immediate future.
  • We've got ISIS and a bunch of other Islamic extremists to worry about, but the scope of these conflicts is unlikely to escalate to the scale of the Iraq/Afghan wars.
Given the state of the world today, what's your threat level assessment? Lower than in previous years? Have we stabilized, even recovered a bit? Are we entering a period of relative peace and calm, at least relative to the post-9/11 world?

Or, is the guillotine just waiting to drop?

What do you think...and, are you doing anything differently?