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Monster Hunter Image Contest Entries

Some more brave monster slayers show their wares...reminder that we are accepting entries through end of today (November 1st), giving you time to edit those Halloween shots.

From S.C.-

Tools of the trade for Lady Curtice's Vampire, Werewolf, and Dark Fae Exterminators.

Tools include: Holy water spray bottle with suspended garlic and silver, earth salt, powdered garlic and wolfsbane, naturally holey stone to gain the second sight, Bible, and thorn branch for protection.

From J.A.-

Since the dragon horde came out of the north, any human activity has to happen at night.  This is a quick shot of our mission, to take out a standard green dragon nest sighted NW of what was Austin.  For this type of work I carry a Mosin-Nagant for distance and a tomahawk for melee.  Fine weapons for the small green ones, I just hope we don't run across any red or black dragons tomorrow... 
From A.F. -

Hunting for Olaf the overly friendly snowman from Frozen...a truly terrifying movie if you have a 4 year old that sings "Let it Go! Let it Go!" all day long.....