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October Image Contest: Monster Hunters

In celebration of the Hallo-ma-ween season, return of the Walking Dead and along the lines of one of my favorite book series, Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International, we're going to have us a little contest.

At first, we were just going to go with a zombie theme, but then I thought--why give those other murderous monster bastards a free pass? Nope, werewolves, vampires...if it's a monster, it's fair game for huntin', right?

So...snap a photo of your vampire hunting weaponry or collection of silver bullets. Bust out the Saiga 12 and channel Owen Zastava Pitt. Throw on your zombie apocalypse gear and slay some walking dead. Heck, put your artistic skills to work and send us a purty drawing or comic panel. Our signature apocalypse weaponry contest from a few years back should give you some inspiration if you need it.

For prizes, we'll pick three winners to receive a grab-bag of TEOTWAWKI Blog merchandise and survival loot, valued at approximately $50 each.

To enter, send in your image (please resize images to a max 1200px width if able) to teotwawki.blog@gmail.com. No text description is required, but feel free to add a brief blurb if you'd like.

The contest is open for new entries through October 31st--winners will be selected in early November.

  • Must be 18 or older to enter
  • International entries are fine -- if you win, it might take a lil' while to get your prizes
  • One entry per person
  • Keep it family friendly...PG-13 max
  • By entering the contest, you agree to have your image shared across T-Blog's social media empire, future blog posts and electronic endeavors