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Every entry from the Signature Apocalypse Weaponry contest!

From COBB - Another excellent entry in our latest contest!
Here it is - all of the entries from our wicked awesome Signature Apocalypse Weaponry contest in one place - for archiving, linking and your enjoyment! Again, great work everyone, thanks for your support and engagement on this contest.

Aside from gratiutous gun/knife/gear enjoyment, there's also some merit in checking out what others are going to be running after the apocalypse. Sure, more than a few entries went extra heavy on firepower, but when you're hunting for zombies, that can be a good plan. We had 32 entries, which is a decent sample size. Of those, we had:
  • 13 entries running some variety of 12 gauge shotgun, either as a primary or backup
  • 10 entries running an AR-15 or variant
  • 4 AKs and 1 SKS in 7.62x39mm
  • 9 with pistols in 9mm
  • 7 with pistols in .45 ACP
  • 6 with pistols in .40 S&W
  • 3 running a pistol as their primary
  • 5 with .22lrs of some variety - 2 running a .22lr as a primary, three others with a .22 in a secondary role
  • 4 entries without any kind of firearm - two from Europe, one new prepper, and 032125, who chose to go with heavy Viking steel
  • Biggest bore rifle was SC's .30-06 bolt action; I was a bit surprised to see nothing in .308. Guess JWR needs to get on his battle rifle soap box more often these days.
  • Biggest bore handgun was Neuro's .454 Casull Super Redhawk
  • 2 entries had body armor (plate carriers with plates)
If we take this as a somewhat representative sample of preppers/survival types, 12 gauge is the most common across the board, AR-15s are the usual rifle of choice, and pistols in 9mm tend to be a bit more common than .45s or .40s, though not by a wide margin.

I've got to round up my gear and channel some of the creativity seen in this contest to show you guys and gals my personal selections for when the Nazi Zombies come knocking. Stay tuned for that, though you've seen most of the pieces at some point or another here on T-Blog.

This will take a while to load - if you've got a slow connection, you have been warned!

From J.C.:
CZ 858 folding stock 7.62x39 with 7-30 rnd mags (pinned to 5 in Canada) 14 12 gauge slugs, 28 00 Buck, feeding a Maverick 88, and of course a trusty LMF II on my hip. Notice the zombie green earplugs and off in the distance a lone zombie waiting for a x39 lobotomy.

From Mike:
First of all, I’m not much of a “Tacticool” type of guy. I’d rather have something that looks ugly and works then have the latest gadget. It’s a little heavy of a load out but it works and will get me where I need to go.

Starting from the top:
1) Mossberg 500 with 24” ported barrel and elastic shell holder on butt stock. I’m a lefty and find the controls on a Mossberg easier to manipulate then a Remington 870.
2) Military style map case with minimal survival gear and spare ammo slung over shoulder.
3) USAF issue survival knife on belt. 4) Homemade walnut billy club with brass loaded head. For when they’re really close.
5) Keltec P11, tucked “Mexican Style” in pants.
6) Ruger Mark II 22/45, carried widow maker style. Very accurate, ammo is cheap, plentiful and should take care of 75% of issues that might arise.
7) Handcuff key, hidden in back of pants. You never know when you might need it.
8) Old tomahawk kept in belt for camp use and splitting skulls.
9) Carcano TS 6.5mm 1919 vintage. Family war trophy, slung over shoulder. Ammo is not as common and a lot of people knock it but it has proven itself over time.

In my pocket there would be a Leatherman Pulse, better then a SAK. I’d like to get a shotgun scabbard for the Carcano, maybe one I saw with a machete sheath and then replace the tomahawk too. Also a butt pack is in the future to replace the map case.

From A.M.:

Not seen is a web belt with a 5.11 ATAC 2 flashlight. My feeling is to conserve ammo, since it is limited, until I have to use it. I only have a quarter of my ammo here because this is for a hunting party. An axe in one hand and bat in the other with a mini sledge as the main backup. The ASPs I have been trained to use but are mainly for other people if I run in to unarmed person. I have a few long sleeve shirts where ever I go adding a layer of gorilla tape to my arms makes them bite and scratch proof. Happy hunting.

Springfield XDM 9mm
3 magazines of 19 rounds
500 rounds of extra ammo
Safariland level 1 holster

Blunt force trauma weapons:
Little league TPX bat 26 inches
2- 24 inch ASP
Taskforce 4 lb mini sled

Fiskars x15 axe
Puma original bowie with leather sheath 8 inch blade 15 overall inches

Gorilla tape

From Jimi:

"Heyho. Since I am an European resident in a country where gunownership is regulated by strict law and are not easy to come by, i wanted to have something small and maintenance free. Enter the crowbar. It's a relatively small one. I taped the bar with some bicycle handlebar tape, which i had lying around, to get a better grip. It'll make an excellent spare key and zombieskull cracker… :) For a more delicate work i have the wonderful Gerber LMF.  On my belt is a small human repellent pepperspray. these are my "weapons".  Shemagh, bandana, gloves and a cap complete my teotwawki grab-and-go-outfit. I keep all that in a small duffle bag. together with a gps unit, gerber diesel multitool, binoculars flashlight and a canteen."

From JDH:

This is my oh my god I have to get out of here loadout. Pictured are:

Romanian wasr-10 ak47 with 5 30 rd mags each mag is loaded alternatively with fmj and hollow point rounds for long distance and heavy stopping power with scope set for 50 yds and 120 lumen mounted flashlight

Jennings 9mm with 2 12 rd mags for closer combat loaded with hornady zombie z-max and digital camo holster

Lightweight aluminum baseball bat for extremely close range and ammo conservation

Mason jar with liquid measurements up to a cup for cooking, baby food jar emergency pocket survival kit (teacandle,razor,wire,cord,matches,compass,20lbs test fishing line with hook and sinker)

Flashlight with built in magnet for night time

Full woodland camo outfit (bdu pants,shirt,patrol cap, vest with attached survival knife and machette) and military issued combat boots

From D:

When aliens arrive on the planet it has been theorized there immune systems won't be able to withstand the viruses here on earth. After immediately become infected their huge noggins and frail little green bodies will prove more resilient than they look and the virus won't completely kill them. It will however inevitably turn them into hungry little green zombies.  It is for this contingency I have prepared . . . 

There is a 20" barrel, 8 shot, 12 gauge, Mossberg 500 riding stealth mode on my back.  The machete, I got in Brazil.  Its a full tang 2" wide 13" long 2.5 mm thick blade that is full thickness until the slight hallow grind near the edge.  Perfect for hacking little green alien limbs or for opening the can of CMMG Tactical Bacon zip tied to my belt.  This is an easy two step meal as the instructions on the can read " Open can . . . . . Receive bacon." Also put the bacon on any other horrible thing you may have to eat and yes, it will be delicious.   My comms unit is a white and light blue J2457/J2458 Fisher Price baby monitor for intercepting Alien communications.   I have a Princeton Tec Apex Pro on my head and a Benchmade 915 Triage clipped on my Pocket.  For stealth I plan on putting mud all over me to prevent them from seeing me with their thermal vision.  I improvised my signature end of the world alien zombie weapon.  On my shoulder is an aged hickory axe handle with a railroad spike lashed to it I call the IRON HORSE. 

The last weapon shown is myself.   I am confident with our opposable thumbs and our ability to prepare and improvise that what ever disaster comes be it man made, natural, or super natural we can overcome.  Happy Zombie Huntn. . .

From COBB:

Journal Entry #32… 

It’s been over 40 days since the collapse…  I think our decision to stay put and fortify our homestead was our best decision…Others nearby haven’t been so lucky. My wife and I have been well off with our supplies, and all those years planning and canning have paid off. I think she understands now why I pushed her so hard at the range and in the woods. It’s nice to have the help when trouble comes.

We just recently had to fight off a few marauders trying to sneak onto the property. They were well organized this time.  We used up a lot of ammo during the firefight so I wanted to make a quick assessment of our remaining supplies. We still have plenty of supplies stored in the house and in our scattered caches. But in case we have to leave I'll plan on these items……

Lewis Machine and Tool M-4  (5) Mags of .223
HSGI Body Armor
Springfield 1911-A1(4) Mags
KA-BAR with Last Ditch Survival Kit
RMJ Tomahawk
Smoke Grenades
Only (2) Moltov Cocktails Left

My Wife’s Remaining Gear
AK-47 with (4) mags 7.62x39
Dead –On Breaching Tool
Glock 23 with (4) Mags of .40 Cal

From M.P.

   This is my "Zombie Apocalypse Ass Kick'n Suit". I keep it ready at all times; as any day now the dead will rise up and try to eat all our brains out. I have a gas mask and boonie hat on my head to keep airborn zombie contaminants and zombie brain fluid out of my face. On my back I keep duel samurai swords for a silent method of sending the undead back to Hell. My main weapon is a Sig M400 5.56 with extra mags in my tactical vest. My back up weapons are a Glock 30, Glock 27, and a Sig Mosquito all with additional mags in the vest. For close quarters combat I have, on my belt, a large bowie knife as well as a Gerber machete for endless head chopping and other zombie butchery. On the inside pockets of the vest are a small first aid/ survival kit (not shown in photo) as well as 1 cyanide capsule; just in case I am infected.My knees are protected with AWP knee pads, cuz nothing would ruin an apocalypse like a scraped knee! On my feet are my trusty ass kick'n boots laced with 550 paracord. My camo should keep the walkers from seeing me and I plan on removing a zombie scent gland from my 1st kill and rubbing it all over my body so I will not be detected.  Lastly I have my copy of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. And if all my weapons fail me, I am sure my years of cage fighting training and awsome ninja skills will see me through the hellish zombie filled future to come...

From MiCamp:

The picture I am submitting shows the exact weapons I would carry with me in the event I had to face zombies, TEOTWAWKI, or TSHTF. No matter the occasion, this is my gear of choice. I numbered everything for ease of identifiction more for me than you out there in the blogosphere (I am kind of dense) I have always been the kind of person that just goes for what works best munis the bells and whistles, I mean if a club will get the job done, wht try to improve on success right... anyway, here is a description of my go to weapons, garaunteed to get the job done first time and every time.

 1.My AK47, kind of a hybrid that I made using components from a couple different makes of rifle, including a Romanian, Bulgarian and Yugoslavian. After several hundred rounds at the range I feel more than confident that this battle rifle will take the crap and keep on spitting lead.

2.This is a 3 magazine pouch, loaded with three 30 round magazines for the AK, giving me a total of
4 30 round magazines when I need to get the work done. The nice thing about this old pouch is that it will ride at the waist on more than one kind of belt.

3.This has to be my most favorite firearm of all time, the Tokarev TCC, I mean wow I never leave home without it. The nice thing about the hefty 7.62x25mm round is that if a LEO happens to be a zombie and he/she is wearing body armor, this round will slice through it with no trouble at all. And I always carry 2 magazines, don’t want to come up short when I need it most.

4.These little babies are my first line melee weapons, 2 swords one a little shorter than the other. They are all steel with a wrapped handle and I keep them in a back slung sheath and razor sharp.

5.My next melee weapon is a 17 inch fighting knife. I pride myself on my knife fighting ability, I trained hard to be as competent with a knife as I am and would not have second thoughts about taking on anyone or anything with this baby in my hand. The blade has been drawn on, more of a distraction than anything else.

6.After getting everything ready to go, and strapped onto my body where ever it rides best, I throw on a chest mounted ammo harness with 240 rounds of 7.62x39mm. this is for the quiet times in my zombie hunting/defending moments, while I reflect on the days events I can reload my 4 magazines to the top and be ready for one more day of fun and games.

I have worn this exact set up on several occasions, and fine tuned where everything goes and how best to access all of it, after all, everything has a place and a place for everything. As a PS for everyone, snuggled down inside the last pouch in th eleft of the harness is my PSK and entry from a couple contests ago, never leave home without it!!!

From KR -

From NCPrepper10 -

For the looming economic collapse...

A Romanian WASR-10 AK-47 with an Eotech 512 Holographic sight. A Mossberg 500 with collapsable stock and pistol grip and fore-end grip. A Colt M4gery with Magpul rails and fore-end grip, Hogue grip, MAD lever, and Trijicon TA01NSN ACOG. A Bushmaster Rifle Length AR-15 with Grip-pod. And last but not least my S&W .40. "To live life in fear of losing it, is to lose the point of life." Keep your powder dry my fellow patriots.

From J.F. -

Well what I have for the one final day is all of my favorites in one place to start I have my back 12 gauge shotgun with scope shooting slugs for long head exploding shots my second shotgun hangs from my shoulder and shoots good old fashion 00 buck.For when the hordes get to big I have my m-11 sub to get me out of a tight spot, on my back I carry a tauris 40cal on my sides I carry a kimber 45 and a glock 9 mm, On both lower legs I strap my larger bowie knifes on my waste I strap my home made bush/zombie de header , and on my center back my old trusty sword prefer this style to others for heavy chopping and stabbing power it’s just what I like, and when all else fails I have one last thing to help me a good old ball peen hammer.

From Brother Randy Church:
VooDoo and myself had to get in on the new contest...Just our normal stuff, 150 year old scatterguns up to VooDoo's rapid fire.....With a little Bluegrass throw out as bait.....

From Neuro:

Like most of the followers of your blog, I am a prepper on a budget. Everything in my kit serves more than one function, including my signature weapons.

1.  The Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull packs rifle power in a package that is lighter and more concealable than a rifle.  Capable of taking out preditors on two legs or four, this revolver is nothing if not reliable.  Although the ammo is big, heavy, and possibly hard to come by after a disaster strikes, I can't think of anything I'd rather have with me when the shit hits the fan.

2.  Ontario Knife Company's Spec Plus "Machete" in truth, is much too short and heavy to be a proper machete, and it is much too thick to be a knife.  This thing is more like a cross between a hatchet and a crowbar, and this is where it shines!  It takes apart branches and small trees for shelter-building or firewood with ease, and I wouldn't hesitate to use to to pry open a door or open up a zombie-skull with it either.

Other Items Featured include:

Tilly's Adventure Hat - Not cheap, but this comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and has traveled the world with me.  It works well to keep the sun or rain off your face, and features a little hidden pocket that currently contains $20, a book of matches, a space-blanket, and a smith-and-wesson handcuff key.  (Tilley.Com)

Protech Tactical Pack - This was very cheap (30$) and is due to be replaced when I can afford something more durable.  It's my default bug-out-bag and contains just the essentials including a stove and cook-set that I made myself out of aluminum beer bottles.

Attached to the backpack is a seperate pouch (not sure where I got it) that has a full first-aid kit.  Additionally this serves as a mini survival kit as it has my spare flashlight, and even more ways to make fire, plus I plan to add a mini-fishing kit and some other odds and ends as I acquire them.  (Perhaps some snares and another small compass.)

From 032125:

I'm going to go (very) old school for this contest, and stick with the most reliable weapons I've got. Everybody does AR-15s (I have a couple too) but how many people are brave/dumb enough go wading into the fray wielding a Danish axe with viking fury? 

From Meister:

Shown for everyone's pleasure is the grab and go kit I keep at the ready in case of a SHTF scenario. I've changed it a bit over normal for a true apocalyptic loadout. Some of the kit was stripped out and extra mags and weapons were added. This is the full assault, gotta kill everything I come across kit. More is better and too much is just about right.

The kit:
Bailout Bag: LA Police Gear 3 day assault bag. Added pouches by several different manufacturers.

Tent, sleeping bag, stove, fuel, food, FAK, water filter, Camelback 4l waterbeast, gatorade/tea/coffee mix, batteries, solar charger, small toolkit, Gerber Machete, SOG Fasthawk, Blackhawk TaTang knife in custom kydex sheath, Cleaning kits, Mess kits, tarp. Attached: Remmy 870 Police magnum with ATI folding stock, blackhawk shell carrier. Ruck up!

NVG's: US optics dual tube Gen 3+ Night Vision optics. Dual tube= depth perception. Detection range at 500 yards! Head gear mount for hands free movement. I own the night!

Plate carrier: Blackhawk STRIKE OD with SPEAR 3a liner
Blackhawk 3 pocket mag pouch (9 mags), TAG mag pouch (6 mags), 5 pistol mag pouches with 33rnd Glock 18 mags in each, Gemtech Multicam suppressor carrier, Maxpedition 3 pocket admin panel with a flashlight, ITS lock pick set, writing set,  and encrypted VOX comms on board. Blackhawk Kalista II knife attached to the left shoulder.

Glock 17 with night sights and Ghost connector in Safariland tac holster. Jarvis Threaded barrel for Gemtech Trinity Supressor (in pouch).

Bushmaster AR15 custom built SBR by me. Adjustable match trigger system, KNS pins, 10.5" barrel, Surefire rail system, Surefire M900 weapon light with Red nav lights and IR lens cover for NVG use, Gemtech flash hider with quickmount for the Gemtech M4-96D suppressor, TAB Gear suppressor cover (to keep the mirage down), Vltor stock, Hogue grip, Tac latch, Tungsten buffer, Noveske button style single point sling attachment back plate, Aimpoint NV compatible 2 MOA dot sight, Cantilever aimpoint mount for use with NVG's,  Rear flip up iron sights, YHM front flip up gas block/sight system with Trijicon insert, Beta CMag inserted  for 100 rounds of Hornaday 55g TAP goodness, Blackhawk Single point sling. I've had this weapon for 10 years now and it's been a trusted weapon the entire time I've had it. It's my go-to gun.

Total ammo Loadout
Shotgun: 6 in the tube, 18 in the shell carrier. Mix of #4 and OO buck.

Pistol: 20 in the gun, 165 rounds in the stick mags. Federal Tactical.

Rifle: 550 rounds of mixed ammo indexed in the mag carriers where I've intended. 300 TAP, 200 ss109, 50 tracers

If I'm going down, may it be in a huge pile of spent brass.

From K.G. in Europe:

Living in a European country with very strict weapon laws and also being just a student doesn't help me a lot in preparing for the Apocalypse with the power of firearms. So when the Day comes I'll have to rely on a kit of melee weapons and m brain which I'd be so eager to protect(well maybe until I reach the first abandoned gun shop.. :D)So here is the list!

1) Tramontina Latin Machete - razor sharp and kind a part of me. I don't think explanation of its use is needed.
2)Snakewhip - 4 ft long made from one continuous 60 ft long piece of paracord. Apart from being an extremely versatile, potent and devastating weapon, it can also be unraveled in seconds so the cord is used for various traps and barricades

3)Slungshot - a zombie(and not only) skull pulverizer!
4)Victorinox Soldier - a handy tool and a last line of defence
5)Eye/Mouth/Nose protection - there is nothing worse than rotten flesh in your eyes and mouth or the smell of walking decaying corpses during your daily walk! :D

From T-Pain:

My loadout is pretty simple, and would work in a variety of situations; zombie apocalypse, Communist invasion, hostile government crackdown, or any situation where I would have to move quickly and well-armed. I use a simple web belt and shoulder harness as my LBE, and a Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger backpack for the miscellaneous stuff; gun-cleaning kit, paracord, food, water (in the bladder and the bottle), etc. It's a small backpack, but definitely worth looking at in terms of comfort and speed.

1. AR-15 with an EOTech sight and Surefire light. Eight magazines between the rifle, LBE, and the backpack. The VLTOR stick also has two battery compartments where I keep spare AA batteries and the Choate AR-15 Essential Parts kit, and the two holes in the grip hold a pair of CR-123s for the Surefire.
2. H&K P2000 in .40 S&W on a thigh holster. Six magazines for the pistol loaded with hollow-point ammunition.
3. Leatherman MUT attached to the backpack, for use as a tool with the AR-15, and features six attached screwdriver bits, which could be real lifesavers. This thing is definitely the last multi-tool anyone will EVER have to buy.
4. Custom fixed-blade knife for heavy-duty work, with a glass-breaker tip on the bottom of the handle. For use as a melee weapon, and breaking through windows and into cars if necessary. Attached to the web belt.
5. Benchmade Auto-Striker for easy, simple cutting that doesn't require anything heavy-duty. Never leaves my pocket.
6. Medical pack, for myself or a friend in case of a lead overdose or other serious injury. Includes Israeli bandages, gauze, QuickClot, SAM Splint, snakebite kit (serious issue in the southwest), tourniquet, water purification tablets, hydrogen peroxide, and various other band-aids and pills.

Some people might think I have too many knives, but I like the way they're distributed around my gear. This way there's one on each loadout level; on my person, on my LBE and on my backpack. This way, even if I accidentally lose a piece of gear, I still at least have one knife on me!

From Recurve Boomstick:

The weapons:
 -My boomstick, a Remington 870 with Mesa Tactical high tube stock, Enidine recoil buffer, Magpul MOE+ with core containing 2 CR123 batteries, and Magpul CTR; Mesa Tactical 6 shell side caddy and rail; Eotech XPS-2 with Magpul MBUS; Magpul MOE forend with MOE vertical grip and Safariland 2 shell shot caddy; Magpul MS3 sling
 - Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm with Surefire X300 light and Trijicon Night Sights
- Two Kabar Combat Khukris

My load is inspired by 3-gun. It is ergonomical and makes reloads, weapon draws, and weapon reholstering as efficient as possible. It is set up in layers, so on a day-to-day basis I can dress appropriately for the “weather”.

Layer 1- HSGI padded war belt:
 -3 Uncle Mike's Tactical 3-Gun Competition Shell Caddies (12 shells total)
-2 Safariland shell caddies (4 shells total)
 -4 pistol mag pouches (4 mags total)
-Safariland ALS pistol holster
 -custom kydex sheath for khukri (sheath set up for left handed standard grip or right handed reverse grip draw)

 Layer 2- Eagle Plate Carrier:
-5 OSOE shotgun pull out pouches (a whopping 60 shells)
 -custom kydex sheath for khukri
 That’s a total of 91 shells (a mix of 00 for close combat  and slugs for anything over 25 yards), 5 pistol magazines, and 2 knives.

Still not enough?

Layer 3- Blackhawk Bandolier, an additional 55 shells.

Compression long sleeve shirt, shemagh, Oakley Flak Jackets for eye protection, Mechanix gloves, cap (gooooo blue team!), cargo pants (with multitool and flashlight), and comfortable shoes round out my ensemble.

From EVZombie:

I can still remember spotting my first zombie, it was in the vacant lot across from my house. I watched it for a very long 40 minutes before it wander into my yard and close enough for me to dispatch it quietly, I could see a few more gathering off in the distance. That was 51 days ago. Fortune had smiled upon me and I found a well secluded food distribution warehouse that had not been raided, that was probably due to the high number of undead in the parking lot and yard and the wrecked semi-truck blocking the road a few miles back. The fences and gates are intact and just need to be secured, after that I can clear the place out and make it my own. I have decided to try and secure it at first light tomorrow giving me as much daylight as possible to get the job done, I will be taking the usual gear.

Kel Tec SU-16E with nine 30-round P-mags, carried with single point sling and fitted with a Tapco short vertical grip and Maglite XL50. Maverick 88 six-shot loaded with "00" 9-pellet riding in a scabbard on my back, with additional 44 rounds carried on vest and belt. Ruger P89D in a cross-draw holster with five 17- round MecGar magazines. 7"straight-edge Kabar fighting knife in kydex sheath mounted next to pistol holster. Gerber Bear Grylls parang machete worn on belt. And last a Leatherman sidekick in my pocket.

Protective Gear:
Steel pot helmet with a mounted red/white led headlamp. C3 Gas mask with extra filters and 60mm to 40mm adapter. Cross-draw tactical vest. Custom personal med kit mounted on the back of the belt. Leather bracers and gloves to protect my hands and forearms which is where about 80% of zombie bites occur. And finally Alta knee pads and steel-toe tactical boots.

I hope it’s enough...

From J.S.:

I'm an artistic soul, and realized recently that all my guns are simply stock. I wanted to create a rifle based on a literary character I enjoy. Those who have read Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series might recall a skeletal rat who is essentially a sidekick of the grim reaper. Well, meet my custom Ruger 10/22, named "The Death of Rats". Rifles of this caliber offer some distinct advantages in a zombie apocalypse. They are relatively quiet, and the small size of the cartridge allows an individual to carry several hundred rounds without being over-incumbered. The round has the power to punch through the front of a zombie skull, but not out the back; the result: brain smoothies! Combine these features with the legendary reliability of the 10/22 platform and high capacity magazines, and I'll wager it against anything else you've got.

The gun itself is from 1991, with a wooden stock and new standard barrel. I painted it black, with a hand-painted rat skull on the butt. I sanded down the front, allowing for the installation of a UTG picatinny quad-rail, optic and folding bipod. As pure embellishments, I added a pewter rodent skull to the grip (originally intended as a drawer pull) and a black buffalo leather custom sling with biker-spikes. I have a tri-mag rig (not pictured) and (2) 25-round extended mags...for a total of 80 shots before reloading. Ideally, I would place myself in a relatively secure location and pick off zombies massing around my apartment. When supplies run low, my little Ratter could be useful in providing cover fire for ground-based team members, or for shifts on watch in a captured prison guard tower. Assuming I'll be looting for supplies at some point, I've included my multi-cam fatigues, folding esbit stove, naglene bottle with steel cup, and a shoulder bag to hold ammo and supplies. The little pouch on the top contains a basic medical kit, trauma pack and some powdered coffee and energy bars. As a defense against the living, I have a Glock 23, with three mags and hollow-point ammo. My AK-47 bayonet converts to wire-cutters, and can take down a chain-link fence. I'm missing a melee weapon, but would prefer to pick something up off the ground...this way, I'm not emotionally attached to something clunky and cumbersome. There you have it, my signature weapon and a light kit built around the concepts of fast movement and concealment...and bad-assery.  

From Iron Prepper:

For those occasions when mobility and firepower are an absolute must; this light combat loadout is expeditiously assembled and deployed. The addition of the gas mask and assault vest builds upon my already highly preparedness-oriented EDC. Whether the threat is Zombies, gangs of looters, or an invading army, having a modular system based on what one is already likely to be wearing dramatically increases one's survivability. We'll begin with the clothing, move on to the weaponry, and close with other EDC items which cannot be seen in this picture.

Clothing: Altama Exospeed combat boots, Tru-Spec 24/7 pants, Carhartt zip-front hooded sweatshirt. (Not pictured: Spec-Ops tactical suspenders, Bison Designs "Last Chance" belt.)

Mod Gear/Holsters/Accessories: UTG Tactical Assault Vest, Finnish Gas Mask, chosen because the filter's location on the left cheek permits unobstructed cheek-weld and sighting while shooting a rifle, (Not Pictured: Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster in horsehide)

Weaponry: DPMS Panther Lite 16 carbine in 5.56mm, SOG Tigershark knife in belt sheath. (Not Pictured: Glock 22 full-size in .40 S&W in front-left-abdomen holster, Glock 36 sub-compact .45 Auto in Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster).

Misc EDC (Not Pictured): Sog Visonary II folder, Leatherman Skeletool, 4Sevens Quark AA light, Zippo, Fisher Space pen, Moleskine notebook, black nitrile gloves, bandana, small bottle alcohol hand sanitizer, button compass, Leatherman Micra on keychain.

Thanks for reading and happy zombie hunting!

From TXPrepper:

My "Resistance Fighter / Zombie Survival" Rig:

Spike's Tactical Midlength AR.  Loaded out with Magpul MOE furniture and a Vltor Modstock. BAD Lever for speedy reloads.  Aimpoint PRO for fast CQB.  Vortex 3X Magnifier mounted in an Aimpoint Twistmount allows quick transition for head shots.  Slung with a Viking Tactics sling on QD mounts.  Fed a steady diet of Magpul Pmags.  Fairly Lightweight.  Rugged and Reliable.

Chest Rig made from assorted parts, mostly Spec-ops and 5.11.  Carries rifle mags, Blow out kit, and Cold Steel G.I. Tanto.  Rattle can camo.

Sig Tac-Ops 1911.  Mounted with Streamlight TLR1-s.  Carried on Chest Rig, or in a custom kydex holster.

Ball peen hammer.  For quiet disposal of sentries or lone walkers.

Cold Steel Kukri Machete.  Great for camp chores and brutal, messy melee.

Leatherman Supertool can fix almost anything.  Brass Knuckles for last ditch hand to hand.

From Raven:

My loadout is designed for scouting and hunting in rolling hills and old farmland, which is mostly the terrain around my home. The rifle gives me a long reach, for hunting or defense. The pistols are small and somewhat antiquated but reliable, and the revolver can be fitted with a suppressor if the need arises. It is all old school gear, mostly WWI weapons, but they work well in this corner of Texas.

Primary: Mosin-Nagant Rifle

Secondary: Nagant Revolver

Backup Gun: .32 Ruby Pistol

Melee Weapons: KaBar Knife and a Tomahawk

From GodfatherJs:

1) Multi-Cam BOB with all the essentials for 3+ days (also home to another 2500 rounds of 22LR,
two more 22lr pistols and 6 spare magazines for each weapon).
2) 22 Long rifle with 30 round mag (6- 30 round and 6 ten round magazines in BOB loaded)
3) TNT Tool (axe, closet hook, pry bar, sledge hammer, and just all around mean tool)
4) ISI thermal imaging camera (you have to be able to tell the walkers from humans… also great for night operations)
5) Bricks of 22LR ammunition (4 more bricks and 6 boxes of CCI mini magazines in BOB).
6) Gator Jr. Machete…. One heck of a knife to carry on your hip
7) Jimenez JA-22… Small, accurate and I own 3 of them along with 21 magazines)
8) Homemade nunchucks
9) SCOTT self-Contained Breathing apparatus (convertible into an APR when supplied air is not needed)
10) Janesville turnout gear (fire, blood-borne pathogen, hazardous materials and stab/bite resistant) with hands free light source
11) Pacific structural collapse rescue helmet with three hands free light sources
12) Trunking radio capable of communicating with all emergency response agencies within West Virginia
13) Rescue truck with all kinds of fun toys (rescue, command, medical, hazardous materials, fire, etc.)

From Kermit:

Kermit's Load out:

Mossberg 500 youth .410 cal. Pump Action Shotgun
> Slugs and Birdshot

Curved Spring Steel Sabre
2 1/2lb. headed Belt axe
Glock Tac. Knife

Survival Pack
>Midland Radios
>Duct Tape
>Polarized Sunglasses
>Compact Binoculars
>50ft. Cord

Custom Celtic Lucky Clover Coffin Case

My "In Case Of Zombie Apocalypse, Follow Me." pin

From JM:

I've just recently gotten into prepping so I don't really have much in the way of weaponry (hopefully Santa reads this and brings me that gun I've been asking for) so I had to get creative. The rake is adjustable and could  be broken down to make other things like a spear. The machete, well, it's a machete. The cast iron pan is definitely the fun weapon. It's heavy so I tried to keep all my other stuff fairly light in comparison. Plus it's multi-functional, I can fry up some bacon and then go smash some heads, truly win-win!! The dagger was made for me by my brother-in-law and I love it very much, it fits perfectly in my hand. I also have my assault mini-schnauzer Daisy! Great as a guard dog and she's cute so she's a good morale booster. Not pictured is my tactical assault cat  Moo-moo (she's in heat and doesn't want her picture taken).

From S.C. (who either knows Raven or ninja'd into his house for photos:

For my apocalypse weaponry I have chosen my Springfield M-1903, Henry .22 lever action rifle, Bersa pistol with 2 magazines, Cold Steel kukri machete, and a folding knife with a built in magnesium fire-starter in the handle. The Springfield uses a 30-06 round, which can take down any zombie/bad guy as well as large game, and is carried by a sling over the right shoulder. The .22 fires quickly and relatively quietly and is carried on my back in a rifle scabbard.  The pistol uses a .380 round and is carried in a belt holster on the opposite side of the Springfield. The machete goes in my pack but can also be worn on my belt for quick access and is about the length of a short sword. Lastly, the folding knife, which is shaving sharp, goes in my left pocket.

From Crazy Stevo:

From Upper Left to Right:
-Winchester 1300 12 gauge holds 8 rounds of slugs.
-Tactical Vest with a scabbard for the shotgun on the back with zip ties, 6 x .00 12 gauge rounds, a Smith & Wesson 9VE in the cross draw holster (15 Rounds + 1), has 5 magazines for the pistol (15 rounds in a magazine), 4 MagPul Magazines for the AR 15 (30 rounds each), and 1 magazine for a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 (17 rounds).
-Remington Model 710 .270 with a bipod holds 5 rounds + 1.
-A Tactical bag with 6 MagPulAR 15 Magazines (30 rounds each), 3 Smith & Wesson M&P 9 magazines (17 rounds each) , 4 Beretta 92 magazines (1 magazine has 15, 3 has 20 rounds), a Beretta 92 (holds 15 rounds + 1), 1 Smith & Wesson 9VE magazine (15 rounds), 250 9mm rounds, 25 12 gauge slugs, 19 .00 rounds in 12 gauge, 4 magazines for the Remington .270 (5 in a magazine), Stinger DS LED which has strobe function.
-Blackhawk Hydro Storm backpack with ¾ of a gallon of water, 2 rite-n-the rain notepads, 2 pencils, water purification tablets, KATADYN Hiker Water Filter, chargers for the Streamlight car and wall.
Lower Left to Right:
-Smith & Wesson M&P9 and spare magazine in leg holster that is attached to tactical vest (17 +1 in pistol 17 in magazine on side).
- Delton AR 15 with a stream light TLR-2 with Laser Sight/ light on the front grip with a bipod/handle on the front grip, a AIM Sports 4x32 Dual Illuminating Scope with Fiber Optic Sight 30 round magazine.
- A Midland GXT1000VP4 Up to 36 Mile Two-Way Radio (rest of my group has them).
-Knee Pads.
-10 inch Knife.
 -Night Vision Goggles Gen 1.
-Some of the Zip Ties I have 30 total on the vest 24” 175 lb. tensile strength.
-A wooden baton the Military Police used in the 1940’s.

From TMcG:

I wanted to keep things light and quiet.

The bag has survival supplies for two days out in the wild including food, a platypus water bottle, shelter, spare clothes, a medical kit, water filtration kit, bivy and basic siphon pump (for getting dirty liquids like gasoline for fuel or other necessities...)

The Maxpedition Thermite Versipack holds more immediate necessities like compass, multi-tool (Gerber) and a mini-first aid kit. It also holds some spare clips for the Berretta PX4 Compact .40 S&W that is stashed in a concealed holster in the small of my back. I'd rather stay quiet, but in a pinch 12 shots with a laser-sight (for quick headshot targeting) can get me out of a jam.

For any B&E that might be necessary I carry the 18-inch Dead On Annihilator hammer. This is heavy enough to bust into almost any location that need scavenging, or to use for up close defense. The backpack also carries a SOG Fast Hawk which is preferred for close-combat because it's lighter (and therefore less tiring) and faster. It can also be used to gather wood for fires and help setup camp. I've also practiced with it enough to be confident that if I throw at something, it's going to hit properly. Or I could just chuck the Annihilator at them, and then it doesn't matter how it lands :)

The center-piece though has to be the 90-lbs. aluminum crossbow that I modified with a ten-round magazine. This can be easily cocked and fired in a few seconds, carries enough shots to get past most herds of walkers and can do it almost silently (unlike a rifle or shotgun) so you don't draw unwanted attention to yourself. 90-lbs. is more than enough to pierce a skull, so walkers are no problem (I did the watermelon-test and the coconut-test, which I consider to be more accurate).

From D.S.:

Pistol: Sig P220 Elite Dark--  Nothing too exotic here, 8 + 1 rounds of .45 caliber zombie stopping power.  
Shotgun: Saiga 12 heavily modified with R & R Targets tactical package (12 + 1 rounds of 12 gauge 00 buck).  Nothing says, "Bring it on zombie vermin!!!!" like an AK spewing 12 gauge buck shot!
Light: Fenix TK15-- Low light situations can be fraught with danger when zombies are around.  Never be without a good flashlight.  

Also, I make it a point to make sure I have my boonie hat and shooting glasses on when I'm hunting zombies-- safety first!


From S.G.:

When it hits the fan your wont see this girl sitting on the sidelines letting the men do all the work! I will be right in there defending my Family and my Property! If it comes to that I will be carrying my Smith & Wesson 9mm, Taurus 1911 45acp, Norinco SKS, my trusty Single shot 12 gauge, a Parker Pheonix Coumpound Bow (great just take the arrow out and keep goin), MRE just in case, and first aid supplies because you just never know!