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The Walking Dead: Killer Within

Tribe - tonight's episode was truly one of the most powerful, intense things I've ever seen on TV. If you're a fan of the Walking Dead, you must see this episode unspoiled. Massively intense, sad and with character moments the likes of which I have not seen anywhere else. Some huge changes that will impact the show moving forward.

And that's the extent I'm going to cover the episode right now. Still in 'recovery' mode.

Comments section is open for your thoughts and reactions--if you haven't seen the episode yet, don't read them, don't get spoiled!

Update: I've added my thoughts/reactions after the jump. Don't read if you haven't seen the episode yet!

Man, that was a heavy episode. No one, I think, saw the baby's birth happening like that. I figured we'd get a warm Hallmark-card from the prison episode in mid-season. That certainly was not the case.

On Lori and the baby:
I have a 4 year old boy and just, about three weeks ago, had another boy, so the whole child birth scene hit me hard, and the interaction between Lori and Carl was heartbreaking. That, then cut in with the scene from last season, with Rick telling Carl that he needed to grow up...man, some powerful stuff. An emotionally horrible, worst-case scenario...really haunting. The zombie apocalypse is not fun stuff. Poor Carl -- he did what had to be done, and it was horrible.

Lori died bravely here, so that her baby could live. On the Talking Dead follow-up show, the guest exec producer said that Lori had always viewed her pregnancy as a death sentence. She had accepted what was going to happen and faced it well.

I think Rick realized the death sentence, too - it's partly why he distance himself from her. We saw him break apart at the seams (finally) in this episode, and it will take him a while to snap out of it. In the comics, he literally goes a bit crazy for a while. Looks like that's up next week.

Part of me wondered if they had to act as they did. Child birth takes a while...hours...but, we really don't know the exact timing or what was exactly going on. Similarly, it takes a while to bleed to death, but again, we don't know. There were still walkers around outside their door the prison, and they had no way of moving her. We can assume that everything had to go down that way, because really, it would be too darn sad if they could have somehow saved Lori.

Having helped my wife through 2 pregnancies now, and having two young sons, this episode really resonated with me. Makes you hold your family a bit closer and want to keep them that much safer, really.

On T-Dog:
I really didn't know that T-Dog had the cult following that he did, because I've never been a big fan. Last season, he didn't have much to do, and while he's had some more dialog this season, he was on the short list of "survivors most likely to be eaten." He went out well, though I wish he'd had his fireplace poker and took out a dozen more walkers in a furious battle death rage before getting overcome.

On Andrea & Michonne:
Really, with the drama going on at the prison, this side story was annoying. We know the Governor is EVIL, and we know Merl is EVIL, so seeing Andrea get all friendly with both of them was verging on yelling at the TV. Michonne and the Gov square off in next week's episode...

On Carol:
What was up with the head/shawl thing? She's still alive. Daryl did not seem as torn up about her apparent death that I would have guessed.

Lessons Learned:
  • Obviously, knowing how to do a C-section and having the proper equipment & supplies. Not something you want to try out for funsies...leave that to the pros...but, if someone is going to die if you don't act...
  • Agree with the commenter on the size of perimeter...and it was clearly not a secured perimter. Evil Inmate guy was able to sneak around, cut through their inner defenses and so on, without notice, and there was zero advanced warning that the walkers were approaching. You can't chain up a gate and assume that it's good, especially if there's a herd of walkers on the other side. If someone's eyes aren't on the area, you can't assume it's safe.
  • Post-collapse, you need to have fighting gear on you at all times. A handgun and no reload is not fighting gear. If survivors had all had AR-15s and a couple spare mags at the ready, the zombie outbreak would not have been the problem that it was.
  • An attack is likely to come when your guard is down...so if you have to let your guard down, make sure that others are actively watching your back. The survivors had gotten comfortable behind the walls of the prison, and they let their guard down...
  • Contingency planning. All hell broke loose and the group scattered in three different directions. There was no clear rally point for the group, no clear plan of action when faced with a superior force.
  • Know when to stand and fight, know when to run and hide...and the latter is usually the wisest. The survivors started shooting when they should have started running. They had some time and space before the walkers were upon them (minus Hershel, who was doing the best he could to book it out of there). If at first sign of enemy contact, everyone would have bugged out for a designated rally/safe point, things might have gone differently.
  • Again, the importance of communications (a recurring 'lesson' from the show). If Carl, Rick and T-Dog had walkie talkies, how differently might things have played out?
  • Baby supplies. Next week, the group has to make a frantic run for formula to keep the baby alive. They'd known the little one was coming for a while...couldn't have tried to get some formula and so on prior to that?


  1. It's a little crazy how life works. Years ago, I started writing, and teotwawki situations have easily become my favorite. Three days before TWD season 3 started, I got into the show and can't stand to miss an episode now. Dvr set to record all. :)

    Hope everybody paid attention to the spoiler alert, but T-dog's death was heroically sad, but very fitting of his character. As sad as I am to see him go, I'm glad they handled his death well.

    One another note:
    About a week ago, I found your site and realized my inner prepper. Already, I've got my new leatherman sidekick multitool on It's way from Amazon. For the foreseeable future, I'll be taking your $40 a week posts using them to start getting prep'ed. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your time and effort and for awakening my inner prepper. Thank you, keep up the great work, and lemme know if I can help in any way.

    "No one knows what tomorrow holds, but we'll be ready for whatever comes."

  2. Thank Heaven Lori is dead, I couldn't stand any more of that whining anymore.

    Show goes to show that having a too large of a perimeter is a problem in itself, and that you probably should have a plan with an inner secure perimeter. They could have use one of the towers as observation post, but even then the prison is still too big.

  3. My Gawd, Carl's future psychologist is going to FREAK with the session's described events . . . that poor kid has been through A LOT!

  4. I have been wanting Lori to be eaten by walkers since season one. Not exactly what I had been hoping for, but I will take it, although I did feel bad for Rick. T-Dog going down was just wrong, I was hoping to see more of him in season 3.
    T-Dog we barely knew thee.

  5. Recurved BoomstickNovember 05, 2012

    Seeing Carl and Rick's reaction was heartbreaking. That episode was so heavy, Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs did one hell of a job portraying their grief. I thought it was perfect. Riggs (Carl) was stoicly trying to be the big boy his parents asked him to be. Lincoln (Rick) falling when the foundation of his life crumbles. Powerful stuff.

  6. WOW!!!! Loved the episode. Really developing a lot here. My only beef is that there seems to be one black man left on earth, and the writers could not find a way to keep him "representing" just a little bit longer. T-Dog!?!?!?!?! After all he has been through and the potential meeting up with the man whose handcuff key he dropped down the drain. Seriously writers, you could have played that out for a couple of episodes easy. He was becoming the voice of reason, the balance to Rick’s uncompromising principals, the person who challenges the status quo and keeps scenes and characters on their toes. Sadly you ended him far too soon. T-Dog's character was a kin to an extremely talented child prodigy who dies at age 12. So much potential, so much talent, so much opportunity, so much lost. Just going to say that in my humble opinion the writers took a big short-cut here and cheated T-Dog out of some great future scenes and potential conflicts. Still love the show, just think T-Dog was the wrong one to go this time.

  7. Great episode. Just wow.

    What happened to Carol? Didn't she get out the door?

    Why do Andrea and Michonne insist on telling everything they know? (We're heading for the coast. That sure looks like a lot of bullet holes.) Like Daddy used to say, "Never miss an opportunity to shut up."

    T-Dog was a big loss. He died a hero, though.

    I, too, was done with Lori, but her death was touching none the less.

  8. My understanding was that this was a "serious" site about prepping not a syfy fan page. Very disappointing for site that has had such good content in the past. Next week will we be doing self defense training by watching WWE?

    1. Dude take a chill pill. Where is your "serious" blog that you spend hours a week working on? It is called TEOTWAWKI Blog--The End of the World as We Know It. I don't think any scenario fits the bill better than what we see on The Walking Dead. Chill out--everything doesn't have to be super serious all the time. But even if all you care about is serious prepping topics then the Walking Dead is full of them. No zombies aren't going to rise anytime soon but there are a lot of principles of survival you can gleen from watching and analyzing this show. The Wolf always tries to distill the episode down to a few real life survival tips. Just in this last episode what can we learn about survival? Lessons on survival health care, child birth, c-sections, the stark reality life and death in a survival scenario, perimeter security, the necessity for watches and guards and many more valuable survival lessons. All this in a show that is powerful, emotional, and entertaining. You sir need to chill out and grow a few more brain cells.

    2. Really...

      The content on TEOTWAWKI Blog is second to none; and we are complaining about the folks who share a common interest sparking up a casual conversation about something entertaining, which also pertains to that subject.

      I for one will say keep up the kick ass work with regards to the blog. I look forward to every single article, including reading over the feedback of fellow TEOTWAWKI Blog followers, each week following the new episdoe.

  9. Wow. Ive been coming to this site for a long time.. and this is my first troll sighting!
    Prepping = Awesome hobby.
    Walking Dead = Awesome show.
    Both have Awesome involved so STFU and go away Gnarus. There are plenty of other forums to read from your mom's basement.


  10. There's always a troll.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Okay so I shouldn't have been a smart ass so I removed my even smarter ass comment. The fact remains you are associating a fictional tv show (even if it is a good tv show) with the very real business of preparing for disaster. Do you think that is a good idea? It just makes all of the preppers that really are trying to take care of their families look that much crazier. I look forward to more articles like prepping on $40 a week (that was great bit) and the pocket survival kit contest. All great stuff that I learned from. Topics such as this do not further the ability of anyone here to be more prepared. So call me a troll and keep on talking about fictional tv shows....that should help tons of people.

    1. Gnarus -

      In addition to the serious stuff, we like to have fun here, too. Post-apocalyptic fiction - books, TV shows, movies - have been and always will be a topic that I cover here on T-Blog. That's one of the things that distinguishes us from a lot of the other blogs in that way (and others).

      Most "survival" types enjoy this kind of fiction, and there's a lot of new people who get into preparing via apocalypse fiction, whether it's zombies or terminators or whatever. See the very first comment above for just one example. If it introduces people to the idea, if it gets them thinking about it, that's a good thing in my book.

      Aside from the entertainment factor, quality fiction jump start your thought process and get you thinking about scenarios that you hadn't before. Really, all of this is a thought exercise until TEOTWAWKI rolls around, so it can be valuable to get other POVs - whether fictional, historical or from others around the world. Of course, fiction is fiction, so that should be kept in mind.

      I'm in no way saying that the Walking Dead is a survival blueprint - it's mostly just a damn good TV show. I follow it, a lot of the readers here follow it, and these posts are a place for us like minded folks to share thoughts/reactions. Any real "serious" content to be gleaned is gravy...

      If you're not a fan, that's fine - skip these posts!

  13. Gnarus,

    What you miss is that there are "pearls of wisdom" to be gleaned from the show and applied to possible prepping and SHTF scenarios. Just as reading a fictional account of a SHTF scenario can help one apply their preparing and planning to a given situation and help them think differently, implement new strategies, add new gear, gadgets, etc. into your prep and planning. This happens all the time in the real world where professionals of various specialties practice, train and consider various hypothetical situations, many of which they have never been in or will likely never be in, but they train all the same.

    Throughout the show there are various prepper points of interest that are worthy of discussing. For instance, in the first season Rick and the man and son who take him in go to the police station because Rick knows it has its own showers, water heater, weapons, ammo, radios and other supplies. Additionally, police stations are designed to limit access to and restrict non-law enforcement from entering key areas. This is beneficial to the characters and to those who had not considered this before. I am not a police officer but I found this information interesting a possibly useful someday if things get really dicey an abandoned police station might have something of use for me. There are many other examples of how these characters are forced to survive and live in a post-SHTF situation that are worth analysis and debate.

    What do you do when you meet another group? Who can be trusted and who can’t? Are all survivors allies? Where do you draw the line and use deadly force and when do you choose to risk your life to save others? These are all themes in this show and likely situations that will come up in a SHTF situation. So talking about it and working through some of these situations is not just practical, but down right smart to do. Information is a tool. If you retain the information and use it correctly it can yield benefits and help you out if you’re in a bad place. So talking and debating some of these issues is really just another form of preparing and readiness. You can never train too much or prepare too much and there is ALWAYS something to be learned or rethought or reevaluated.

    It is also, a rather entertaining show and allows fellow like-minded people to sit around the virtual water-cooler and shoot the sh#* about a related topic. I don’t think anyone on this page honestly believes a real zombie apocalypse will ever happen, just like those who watch Falling Skies probably don’t think and alien invasion will happen either. Your criticism would be valid if everyone here thought this show was a realistic example of things to come. We don’t! We see it as a chance to test some preconceived notion of: “what I would do” or “what I would bring, have or want”. If you are a serious prepper as you say you are, I think you would understand this.


  14. Lori is one of the more interesting characters on the show. Shane thought rick was dead and told Lori. They thought they were both two consenting single adults burying their grief at the end of the world. Once Rick shows up, Lori goes back to being faithful wife and cuts Shane out. Carl is a prepubescent boy which we know is loads of fun under the best of circumstances. Raising one to be a zombie killer has to be extra hard. Hershel's youngest daughter is six times more boring to me. I don't think we can count carol out just yet. The saboteur was the inmate that everyone thought was eaten already. T-dog was just sad but there's a new inmate to take his place as the LBMATEW (the last black man at the end of the world). Cried at the end of this episode.

    1. Don't count carol out. New motto for TEOTWAKI. Don't count anyone out unless you've seen their half eaten remains

    2. Love this new acronym: LBMATEW! Classic. Good point totally forgot all about him in my T-Dog grief.

  15. OK. Im going out on a really big limb here. But im thinking we havent seen the last of Lori.... As much as I love Carl and would love to have him running point on my fireteam, he does have a history of geting into trouble and not doing the right thing. Plus... that was his mom. No one saw her shot, including Maggie. And Carl hasnt confimed his actions. We heard a gunshot, thats it. Anyway. Im just portraying my suspicions. I love this show. Counting the days till next episode.

    1. Zombie Lori? It's a possibility, though Carl did cap ol' "Uncle" Shane without hesitation. He's probably the coldest, hardest of the survivors when it comes down to it...poor kid.

      I would put money on seeing Lori in flashbacks/halucinations/dream sequences, though.

    2. I'm with COBB on his prediction about Lori showing up later zombified. Afterall, we didn't witness the shot (only heard it) only Carl knows what happened and maybe he just couldn't do it in the end. I was sad about T-Dog and don't care too much for Carol either.

    3. Naaa I think that's it for Lori. Maybe in a different show, like 24 for example, they would pull something like (I think both Jack Bauer has died died like 6 times) that but this show has no reservations with killing off main characters. They didn't show it because they didn't want us to see a kid shoot his mom in the head--this show is heavy but even it has limits.

    4. Hi, But look at Carl's reaction! That kid had the 1000 yard stare of a mofo that just had to take out his Zombie Mom. He just promised his dying mother he'd always do the right thing, and he knows what that means in that sitch.

  16. RomeroNJulietNovember 05, 2012

    This episode was interesting. The first episode in the series, if I'm not wrong, where we switch between the prison and the Governor's town throughout the episode. While previous ep's have relied on character development or tender moments to break up the action, this one felt like a chaotic day at the prison with short breaks to develop the tension of Andrea and Michonne living in the "seemingly" perfect town. We ended the episode with Rick in the fetal position and Carl with no expression at all...based on what I know of the show, I might have expected the reverse. My head was spinning.

    I'm sure Rick will blame himself for the death and destruction at the prison. He didn't finish off the prisoner who ran, not when he had the chance. However, I don't believe that guy acted alone. He seemed to have some sense of the layout of the prison, and he obviously had speed on his side. However, could he have escaped the prison with no tools, survived in the zombie-infested woods with no weapons, formed a plan, killed a deer, dragged it back into the zombie-occupied cell-block, and sabotaged the generators...all on his own? Let's not forget he was trying to shiv a zombie to death just hours before his escape. Remember the bad-guy voyeur we saw scoping out the prison in "Sick". I'm beginning to believe that he's NOT one of the governor's men, or is possibly an exile from that group. I never read the comics, but the Gov's best information on Rick's group is 8-months out of date and was recently given by Andrea through Merle. They don't seem to know about the prison, or if the Gov is aware, he's not telling his "left-hand" man, Merle. Whoever was watching the prison might have hooked up with the crook and worked out a way to take the prison for themselves, for whatever end. The idea of a third force being developed for this season is certainly interesting.

    Too bad about T-dog. Though it spares us the cliche moment where Merle shows up and temps Daryl to exact revenge on T-dog for past injuries. It would put Daryl in an understandably difficult position between friends and family. One of the things I enjoy about this series is it's originality and seemingly chaotic unfolding plot.

    1. HA! Left-hand man, i see what you did there lol

  17. When Rick left the inmate with the walkers I looked at my wife and said, "He's going to regret not shooting that bastard." When the chain was broken on the gate she knew I was right.

    Lesson: If he's worth trowing to zombies, he's worth shooting yourself.

    I agree with Cobb, Carl didn't shoot his mother. Carol is likely still alive. Not sure how I feel about loosing T-Dog (Token). And what is up with Andrea? Is she still that clueless?

  18. Now that they offed the annoying Lori, clueless Andrea is next on the meat list.

    1. I think Andrea will be around for a while. While they are changing details from the comics, they have stayed very close to the core.

      Personally, I would be happy to see her gone. Andrea in the show and Andrea in the comic just don't add up. She is a way better character in the books.