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Black Friday 2014 AAR

Went out and picked up the Liberty Revolution 12 safe from Gander Mountain for about $70 off its usual price. Not a screaming deal, and there were bigger safes out there for not much more money, but I had some specific reasons for picking a smaller safe

One of those reason being that I could move it via personal vehicles, unload and move it into place with a dolly and my wife's help. Guy at Gander was a big help loading the safe up. Wifey had a bit of a struggle helping move it up the three steps into our house, but beyond that, pretty smooth sailing. 

Pretty happy with the safe thus far - I'll get a review up after some more time with it. Very nice quality, works in the space that I needed it to. Fits my current collection with room to spare.

Also picked up a Goal Zero Yeti 150 on an Amazon Lightning sale. I've been eyeballing a portable battery to go with a 28 watt panel for a long while, and this was a pretty good deal. There are several options out there, and it bares a standalone post or two to discuss. I am slightly leery of Goal Zero's stuff, but the battery is theoretically end-user replaceable. Initially, a nice all-in-one package. Review also in the pipeline.

Finally, picked up a few bits for an AR pistol build that is very slowly coming together. Odin buffer tube kit, carbine spring and buffer...will get my lower squared away and then start working on the upper.

Haley Strategic let me down with their sales - no discount on the D3CRs, so I passed on that for the time being.

That's it from me. What did you get? Any Cyber Monday deals that you're eyeballing?