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Monster Hunter Image Contest: GT's 12 gauge

From GT:
​I am a person with a c4/5 spinal cord injury. Here I am with my 12 gauge with adapted bite trigger and my Tenpoint crossbow with adapted crank trigger.  If I can kill pheasants and deer, zombies should be easy, lol. ​

From Alex: Huge props to GT for getting out there and doing what he loves. Awesome example.

If you want to get in on this contest, there's one week left to enter. There are three prize packages up for grabs, and your odds of winning should be pretty good! Full details here.


  1. Ok someone got spammed!!!!

    Off topic but where is the sequel to "You Took Away Tomorrow". It has been almost a year now since the last chapter.

    1. Life has been busy :)

      Working on writerly stuff offstage, glad to know folks are still interested!

    2. Ok Cool will keep looking for it in the future.

  2. Thank you so much for posting my photo! I enjoy your blog a great deal. Monday night I harvested a nice 8 point buck with my crossbow. Bring on the zombies lol