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EDC Bag Dump Contest: JH's Messenger Bag

The EDC Bag contest is running through the entire month of June - if you want in on a chance to get a grab bag of prizes from the TEOTWAWKI bunker, plus some feedback from me and the tribe, check out the entry details.
 So..... As far as classifying myself I am probably closer to a cubicle jockey than anything else. 

My EDC is as follows:

The bag is Gemline messenger bag with tape applied to "mask" my employer (sorry I couldn't refuse the obvious pun).

This is what it contains 99% of the time unless I am flying for work.

A brown Chaps travel organizer that fits inside the aforementioned messenger bag contains:
  • Lint Brush
  • Small sewing kit
  • Small first aid kit
  • GerX antibacterial wipes
  • Tylenol bottle that contains Aleve and allergy pills
  • Tums for heart burn
  • Kleenex
  • A stain Pen
  • Floss
  • Eye Drops
  • Extra vitamins
  • Six pair of Nitrile rubber gloves
  • A bottle open because you just never know when beer might show up
  • A pad of paper and small pen
The bag also contains:
  • Glock 23 with a round chambered and a full mag of Speer Gold Dots
  • Two extra 13 round mags with Speer Gold Dot
  • A cliff bar if I get really hungry and I would have to be because its really old.
  • Some Samsung ear buds
  • A screen microfiber cloth for my phone
  • Bandana
  • Wall charger with a short cord for my Nexus 4
  • Anker 10k mah and long charging cable for stuff
  • FordEX 300 lumen Cree LED flashlight
  • Three extra AA batteries
  • Three Ink pens including a Jetstream pen that is the best pen ink ever made
  • A Jawbone Bluetooth earpiece just in case
  • Two pair of fingernail clippers (not sure why)
  • Key to my desk
  • Business card holder
  • Kershaw 1990 Brawler pocket knife
  • Leatherman Sidekick Multitool
This what I carry five days a week and rarely need anything else. In my car I also have "Get Home Bag" with a lot of other shtuff in it.

From Alex:

Thanks for the entry!

First topic of convo is the Glock. I've spoken about off body carry before (generally bad idea unless it's the only way you can carry), but it can be convenient - especially as a means to get the carry gun to and from a car.

The Glock and that soft holster (it looks like a soft holster) don't inspire a lot of confidence in terms of securing the handgun if it's tossed inside a larger compartment and then jostled around throughout the day...the Glock could slip loose of the holster, pen or pencil could find its way inside the trigger guard and...blammo! AD.

Just be aware of the possibility and ensure the Glock is in a compartment on its own or secured in such a way that it couldn't slip out of the holster...or, don't carry it in the bag for any length of time.

Next up - I'm not seeing any means of carrying water, which is pretty key. Nor do I see any means of firestarting. A Bic can come in surprisingly handy in a daily environment.

Not sure why you've got the 6 pairs of Nitrile gloves--work specific? You're carrying a handgun, so a compact IFAK is a good idea, though only a single pair of Nitrile gloves would be what you'd want for that.

That's it from me - what does the tribe say?


  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2014

    "Extra" vitamins? Really?

    1. So, you don't carry an extra serving or two of Flintstone Kids?

    2. It's really not a bad item to have on hand if you take vitamins regularly. Easy to forget to take them in the morning, but if they're in your bag BAM problem solved.

    3. AnonymousJune 24, 2014

      If you take vitamins regularly (another questionable practice if you have even a remotely reasonable diet), the need for them in an emergency is NIL. They have no usefulness in a short term situation whatsoever. Added weight (albeit minimal), nothing more.

    4. Remember - an EDC bag is not entirely geared towards emergency use, and should contain items of convenience and comfort for your daily use. Not a vital need, but certainly could be convenient for day to day purposes.

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

    Hi All; JH here.. I will comment on a few of the comments. The Glock is in a Sticky brand holster and slides into a pocket inside of the bag where it completely secure. I definitely agree about carrying off body, but my work has a no gun policy, so the gun resides in the car during work hours. If you find me outside of work I am carrying the Glock 23 in an UBG outside the waistband or I will have my XDS .45 in an IWB. I carry several Bic lighters in the GHB and see no reason to have one in the EDC. The reason for the vitamins is that the brown Chaps bag is removed from this bag and placed in another when flying. I did forget to include my Camelbak water bottle. I wasn't going to remove them just to avoid criticism... this is what we really carry every day after-all..