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EDC Bag Dump Contest: From SM - Last One

My EDC bag of the last couple of years is a Maxpedition Sitka. It goes with me to the office every day.

I have changed up some of the contents in the past but I have settled for now on this to meet likely needs. My commute is about 12 miles so I don’t have to plan for a 3 day ‘get home’ situation.

I like the sling bag over a standard backpack as it is easy to put it on with one hand and stays put. I am also a fan of ‘nesting pouches’ for organizing smaller items. I can remove the pouch separately and not have to fish around for what I need. There is plenty of room for my iPad, charging cables, etc.

I do not carry a handgun off body even though the Sitka has a built in holster. My place of work does not allow firearms so it would be a pain to have this in the bag. I have another bag in my car that contains a bigger FAK, food and seasonal clothing/shoes if I have to hike.

Bag contents are as follows:

Spare reading glasses
Rite n Rain tactical notebook w/Maxpedition Notebook cover
AA batteries
Dental floss
Pocket Knife
Combo screw driver/level/flashlight
Flash drive
Tongue depressors
Mag lite
Small FAK
Exercise Band
Bug wipes
Gerber Multi-Tool
Hand Warmer
Black shoe strings with metal clip
Hand Wipes
3 x 5 cards
Sun screen wipes
Combo whistle/compass/thermometer
Antiseptic wipes
Rain Poncho
Blood stopper pads
Small sewing kit
Expired Passport for ID
Roadmaps of surrounding counties
Maxpedition 4 x 6 pouch

Tactical Notebook Cover.com (iPad, maps, pens, pencils highlighters) this a min-EDC in itself

Naglene bottle or I use a Berkey Sport portable water filter.

Lots of ‘smalls’ but the bag and the contents are comfortable to wear. Having the pouches and Notebook covers make this easy to get to what I want. I appreciate any feedback provided.

From Alex:
No really specific comments aside from things covered in a bunch of entries so far (sling bags, spare cash, food, emergency cell charger, work gloves/personal protective gear, duct tape/repair kit, etc.). I would do hand sanitizer versus the soap.

One question about some of the contents, though - why include the tongue depressors, exercise band or shoe laces?