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Every Day Carry Bag Contest: Pierce's Bag

My name is Pierce and this is my EDC bag. I'm using a 5.11 PUSH pack that I got used from somebody for $20, it was smaller than I expected it to be when I first got it, but that's helped me to slim down my carry as I tend to overpack. Most of these items are just for every day stuff but others have emergency uses.

From left to right:

-Bag of cough drops and some homemade hardtack for snacking, some days the hardtack is replaced by dried fruit.
-MRE Gatorade drink mix and some peach tea water flavoring
-Small boo boo kit in an Altoids tin, holds bandaids, tweezers, alcohol wipes, nail clippers, tiny roll of gauze, and smelling salts
-Hand sanitizer
-OTC meds, tylenol and ibuprofen, Pamprin for the wife, anti lactose meds for the wife, orajel, and some carmex lip balm
-Pen and sharpie
-Some quarters and a pack of gum
-Some cheapo harbor freight gloves
-Baby wipes
-Memo pad underneath the gloves and baby wipes
-Gorilla tape
-Glasses, I only need these when working on the computer
-My Ruger SR22, I know I know, I need to upgrade my handgun, but this is what I have right now and I can afford to train a lot with it
-Pocket Bible
-Super glue, lighter, matches, and batteries in a bag
-USB cellphone charger with wall attachment
-Axe spray
-Energizer headlamp
-Trauma kit, CA tourniquet, gauze, ace wrap, and a cheat seal bandage
-Nalgene 16oz bottle

It seems like a lot of gear, but most of it is near weightless, the bag weighs in around 10-15 pounds max. I need to add a couple of things, like a steel cup that the bottle can nest in, I think I will also add a Tactical Tailor 1H accessory pouch to the bottom for extra storage. Well that's it. Thanks for reading, look forward to the critique.

Alex's Comments:

Thanks for the entry!

First up, I've gotta give you a hard time on the Pamprin. Really? And a full-sized bottle of it too! Make your wife carry her own PMS meds, unless she turns into the Hulk and starts tearing off heads and such.

Also: that is a lot of cough drops. A few in the bag, replenish as needed, unless you are currently sick. Also, I hate cough drops. They barely work, leave your mouth feeling disgusting, have nasty wrappers, etc. Give Fisherman's Friend a try - you will never buy another cough drop again.

r.e. your SR-22. I've never given anyone a hard time about carrying a .22 lr (better than harsh words), though you better carry something quality in it and not just bulk pack crap. Having your gun jam on value brand ammo when some psycho is trying to kill you, all because you were too cheap to buy Mini-Mags or Stingers...bad idea.

Evaluate your bag choice. Shoulder bag, and a small one at that, hits you with a number of limitations and doesn't give you much back. An obvious tactical man purse...even less useful.

I've written about off-body carry already. Sub-optimal in many, many ways. A gun purse with a DTOM patch is about as obvious a 'gun bag' as one can get. Get a holster and carry that gun on your person.

The IFAK stuff...likely more than you need for daily carry as a citizen, especially considering the size limitations presented by your bag. The CAT and elastic bandage could become a SWAT Tourniquet or a TK-4. The Chest Seal could be improvised with the G-tape and plastic packaging, etc. Package it in a self-contained, readily available pouch - if you need to use it, you're not going to want to dig for bits and pieces.

The pocket Bible could easily be loaded onto your phone and save you some ounces.

I'd pick Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen gets my nod) unless there's a really specific reason for having the two.

Possible Additions:
A multitool or even a backup cutting tool would be the biggest addition to look at.

Spare cash. Enough to fill up your gas tank, get a cab to the airport, etc.

Some cotton - bandana, shemagh, spare t-shirt.

Consider adding an altoid's-ish sized survival tin - unlikely to need, but insurance. Things like safety pins, a sewing needle, fresnel lens come in handy, too.

What does the tribe say?


  1. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    Hey Alex, thanks for the critique. I forgot to mention that I carry a multitool on me which is why it isn't in the bag. My pistol only gets carried in the bag when I'm going to and from work as I am unable to carry at work and I don't want to screw up the fit of my holster by wearing it with no pistol. I was also a medic in the Guard so that's the reason for the CAT and gauze; good idea to prepackage it in plastic though, the trauma kit stays in the right side pocket at all times. I carry both ibuprofen and tylenol because they don't take up a lot of room and I like ibuprofen a lot of people I know prefer tylenol. I understand that "man-purse" bags don't work for you and that's alright, I live in Florida and suffer from a sweaty back so I prefer this style of bag, although I'll say no one has ever stated that it looks like I have a weapon in my bag. Thanks for the suggestions and I appreciate your time.

  2. Day TripperMay 19, 2014

    I carry both ibuprofen and acetaminophen in my IFAK because you then have the ability to alternate doses every 2 hours as opposed to every 4 hours. This is especially helpful when dealing with a fever or lingering pain issue like a toothache, backache, migraine, etc. You can carry them in the same pill bottle even as long as you have a way to tell the difference between the pills. I'll take some pics of my EDC bag soon and send in.

  3. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    Lose the Axe spray, like in the commercial it'll just attract more and more women you'll have to divy up your cough drops and hard tack with more mouths....

  4. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    Out of interest, why are your magazines only about half loaded?

  5. AnonymousMay 19, 2014

    The magazines aren't half loaded, it's just that the Ruger SR22 has a large follower in it's magazines, so it doesn't allow you to load more than ten rounds, there is a +3 follower available that I may get.

  6. This is just my opinion, and I am a stingy minimalist, but... this is what I would do.
    Keep the all the first aid stuff (except maybe less medicine). Change you water bottle to stainless steel, keep the food. Loose the ear phone, keep the Bible. If my phone went dead, I would still have the Bible (apposed to putting it on your phone). Loose the axe and change the headlamp to something a little more multipurpose (a phenx flashlight with a little head bracket thing, if you can afford it). Add a fixed blade knife, a bandana (I always have one it my back pocket) and some paracord (or bank line) and that would be it. There are some other things (like pens, memo pad, gum, ear plugs, baby wipes) that I would not have, but they are practical items.

  7. KingHojuMay 23, 2014

    I for one don't mind the plastic water bottle--that's how I usually roll. For every day practicality I greatly prefer plastic--doesn't sweat like metal when full of ice, doesn't get super freezing cold to the touch, insulates better. Don't get me wrong--a SS bottle is great for a wilderness pack of some kind but at least IMHO it has little use in any sort of urban setting. I guess if you go to work in a forest or a jungle every day then that's a different story but as for me I don't expect needing to boil swamp water in my day to day life. And in some kind of weird emergency--water supply is contaminated and someone stole all your pots and pans--you could improvise a pot pretty easily in an urban setting (ie an old can beans, can of pop, metal dog food bowl etc etc etc).