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Bomb Rider stickers!

Just in - new TEOTWAWKI Blog 'Bomb Rider' logo stickers!

These are really nice, heavy weight weather resistant UV-coated vinyl die cut stickers. Really happy with the way they turned out.

They're 3" in diameter, which makes them a good size to slap just about anywhere. Pelican cases, water bottles, car windows, laptops, notebooks, your face - just about any place you want to add a little apocalyptic sizzle.

Everyone who ordered a t-shirt will be getting one of these dudes along with their tee as a special thanks.

For those who didn't get in on the t-shirts or want to order a whole slew, we'll have these up in the Shop shortly.

This is one of a couple 'surprises' we have in plan. Stay tuned for the next!