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Spring Gun Show '14

Popped into the quarterly gunshow on Saturday, looking mainly for pistol powders to support my foray into the field of reloading.

The show had expanded to another building the expo center, but the parking lot was far less crowded than the gun shows I attended last year. The buying frenzy is dying off and we're probably largely getting back to the 'normal' levels of attendance. Fine by me.

Pistol powders are hard to come by these days. The local shops I've visited have had their shelves bare, and the dealers at the gunshow were not much better. In the entire show, I saw:
  • 5, 1lb cans of Unique (I bought one)
  • 3 cans of Trailboss (I bought one)
  • And two 1lb cans of Bullseye - the dealer was asking $50!
I was in the first bunch of folks admitted to the show and made quick rounds looking solely for powders. I'm sure the dealers were wiped out within a few minutes.

Rifle powders seemed more readily available, even the AR stuff like Varget and TAC.

Primers and bullets were available in abundance, though not necessarily good prices.

I wasn't shopping for guns or mags, but the prices seemed to have fallen back to normal. Selection was fine. Lots of ARs around, AR mags in the $10-$15 range and so on.

Ammo was available in whatever flavor one might want, though prices are still on the high side.

Got to have some hands on with a SIG AR pistol with arm brace. Compact, a bit awkward feeling - not as good as a 'real' stock, but better than nothing.

For some reason, a compact model of the Taurus Judge - the Public Defender called to me. What can I say? I have a thing for wheelguns.

I haven't heard particularly good things about the Judge line in general, but it felt pretty good in hand and looked to be something that I could carry fairly comfortably and conceal well, while being more potent than a .38. Would be nice if it could run moon clipped .45 ACP like the much larger S&W Governor. I would imagine the recoil might get nasty.

One curiosity about the Judge-type pistols is that subcaliber adapters are available to allow you to shoot .22s out of them.

Anyways, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. Good times in 'Merica!