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E&E Image Contest: Macro's Kit

1) 5.11 RUSH 72 bag
2) Mountain House freeze dried meal
3) DATREX 3600 calorie bar
4) Pack towel
5) Blister bandages
6) Tinted goggles (anti-fog, anti-abrasion)
7) Primus camp stove (pot, fry pan lid, fuel can, wind screen)
8) 32oz Nalgene nests inside Olicamp anodized titanium mug (all inside 5.11 H20 carrier), smaller misc. items inside
9) Duct tape
10) North Eastern Arms NEA-15 7.5” PDW AR-15, NcSTAR Mark III tactical scope (2-7x32), Magpul MS4 dual QD sling, Magpul AFG2, Magpul MBUS front/rear sight, extra mags
11) UTG Special Ops universal leg holster, UTG heavy duty web belt
12) Oversized waterproof black rain poncho
13) Extra ammo for visualization purposes
14) Mini hatchet
15) 36-hour candle
16) Beretta PX4 9mm, spare mags
17) Head lantern
18) Shemagh, bandana
19) 14.5” zip ties
20) Black paracord
21) Potassium iodide tablets (radiological disaster)
22) Hennessy hammock (Ultralite backpacker Asym Zip)
23) Gerber firestarter
24) Gerber multitool
25) Gerber Prodigy knife
26) Diamond sharpening stone (dual grit) and diamond sharpening rod
27) Gerber folding shovel
28) Waterproof “tactical” playing cards
29) Camo survival blanket
30) OTIS AR-15 cleaning kit (with FrogLube packets)
31) Carbohydrate gel packets
32) Clif bars
33) Gerber folding knife
34) Red 12-hour glow sticks
35) Travel roll of TP

Not pictured: UCO candle lantern with beeswax candles, Lifestraw water filter, contents of Nalgene bottle (matches, lighter, fuel tablets, button compass, razor blades, sewing kit, mini first aid kit, water purification tabs), extra merino wool socks, small flashlight, silver coins

P.S. No, I don’t work for Gerber!

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  1. Mall ninja incoming

  2. I just wondered if you have tried to survive a weekend or even a week with just this kit? I used to be a big gerber fan until I tested my kit and found most of it broke when used for bushcraft. I would reccomend a good steel water bottle as a replacment for your current water bottle, 3 bandanas, paracord, compass, gorilla tape instead of duct tape, and maybe take another look at food (mountian house is amazing but nowhere near filling... ramen and rice wil fill you up a little better and maybe add some bullion cubes and tea for cold nights and mornings in that hammack. Also you might want to consider a little tender for your ferro rod. Not tying downgrade your kit, it looks alot like mine when I started just trying to get you to teat it before you bet your life on it. BTW I love the AR pistol for backpack cary, a whole lot of firepower in a concealable package!

    1. Thanks for the comments. The multitool and Prodigy knife have held up well but I haven't really put the shovel through the ringer yet, I don't have the utmost confidence in it to be honest. I've gone a few days with a mix-match of this list but obviously I don't go trotting around Canada with the firearms. The hammock is great because I can keep it low or shimmy up high and keep out of sight (if I wanted to).

      I reworked this kit because it's for E&E. The idea is to keep moving and keep it light.

  3. I have nothing but compliments on the gear.

    I'm even more impressed by the organization though. I'm noticing that quite a few people have tons of gear but they always add the caveat, if I can find it. Or its around here somewhere. You have that beat. I don't know your needs, your appetite, your competency with firearms or your skills with other tools. So if this is what you need and you're good with it then who am I to argue.

    Well done.

  4. Great Kit ! I agree with Godfather; you have to field test it.

    I did notice some items conspicuously absent that are in my go bag as well as some items I've chosen differently on. Please accept this as fine tuning and not criticism.

    - Map - road maps if you're trying to get home, TOPO maps if you can find them
    - GPS - doesn't take much room, really helpful, if we have an EMP, you can always ditch it
    - Cell phone with charger - see above
    - extra batteries
    - 22lr conversion kit for AR - quieter, deadly, light weight, more appropriate for small game & street lights
    - Glock 19 - more ubiquitous than the pistol you've chosen and you can get a 22lr conversion kit for it
    - 22lr conversion kit for Glock 19 - benefits obvious
    - 550 round brick of 22lr - small , light , effective
    - pepper mace
    - ASP collapsible defensive baton - takes up almost no room
    - Glock Entrenching tool - has a root saw; have used this for years and its bullet proof
    - off the cards and carry the Good Book
    - more primary ammo
    - ear plugs
    - work gloves
    - watch cap & a nondescript ball cap
    - karabiners - several
    - wire coat hanger
    - switch your pack to something less tactical looking - it says : "I have supplies". Try a nondescript medium brown or depending on your local forest green
    - small note pad, pencils, a fresh sharpie
    - big black trash bag - a couple
    - signal mirror
    - road flare - 2 - great for starting a fire in bad weather
    - toiletries
    - insect repellant
    - lip balm and sunscreen
    - more food
    - instant coffee
    - I have a couple airline bottles of scotch - wished I had them the first test

    All of the above items would only add a couple of pounds , but would make a huge difference. The first time I took my kit into the woods for a 24 hr test, most of these items weren't in it and by the following morning, I was not a happy camper. You might try a 24 hour test once a quarter so you get 4 season. See how it goes and adjust as needed. Good luck and happy prepping

    1. Thanks for the notes. I appreciate it. Oddly enough, I originally had the green pack but in my area it stood out too much. It looked very overly militaristic in an urban area where most people have black packs. The hammock is equipped with two high-grade climbing 'biners I got at a climbing shop (hastens the setup).

    2. If you are in an urban environment, you might consider gray and without all the alice fittings. Also, you don't need topo maps for moving around a city. In terms of a test run, urban environments are tough. I think most of us recognize that the greatest personal threat is posed by other people, and of course where population density increases so do the odds of coming in contact with a crazy or desperate or predatory person (even in a non emergency situation). Also, if you get caught carrying that personal arsenal in an urban environment open or concealed (even in the gun friendly south), I would suggest its probably not going to go well.

    3. I would stick with the px4 and possibly think about getting the cx4 to replace the ar. hard to give up the amount of fire power but, the advantage would be the cx uses the same mags in a carbine platform. the 22lr is a great way to go (I use sub sonic rounds in mine and have a box of bird shot) but, to save space and weight possibly do a small semi auto "snake charmer" pistol. In the end do what you feel most comfortable with and awesome job on the "kit"

  5. HaHaHa- PX4 Storm 9mm - that is what I have, excellent choice on the pistol and the selections for your pack out kit. Either one is a Glock fan or they aren't. I have both, the PX4 beats the Glock in grip and recoil, IMHO. I do respect the Glock.

  6. If you only need protection for a couple of days, or just need a hand gun to transit through a short term disruption of order, then anything will do. If you factor in a regional (or larger) event and the long term (over 6 months) disruption of commerce, services, and order, then we're talking TEOTWAWKI and you will be scrounging everything including ammo. I don't even like 9mm as a cartridge. 9mm over penetrates and has a bad record of failing to transfer energy into the target. There is a reason people who use 9mm as a duty pistol practice double taps. I'd much prefer 45ACP or a .357 magnum revolver for defense. Back in the day we never practiced double taps with a 1911 because one hit was enough.

    All that having been said, I carry a 9mm handgun in my go bag because the round is everywhere - ubiquity. The reason I use a Glock 19 in my go bag is the same reason I choose 9mm - simply ubiquity. They are everywhere and everyone has them from private owners to law enforcement, to a surprising amount of military operators. Additionally the Glock 19 can take Glock 17 mags as well. You won't be picking up any extra PX4 mags on the fly. Add to that a 22lr conversion kit and the fact that Glocks are the lowest maintenance auto loaders on the planet with close to a zero failure rate under ALL conditions and you'd be hard pressed to do better than a Glock 19. Do I like it aesthetically? No. I'd much prefer to shoot my Colt 1991A1 Commander or Smith Model 66. But, if I got stranded away from my base in an "overly fluid" or social collapse situation and could have 1 handgun rig out of the many in my safe, its the glock 19 with the 22lr conversion kit.