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E&E Image Contest: Macro's Kit

1) 5.11 RUSH 72 bag
2) Mountain House freeze dried meal
3) DATREX 3600 calorie bar
4) Pack towel
5) Blister bandages
6) Tinted goggles (anti-fog, anti-abrasion)
7) Primus camp stove (pot, fry pan lid, fuel can, wind screen)
8) 32oz Nalgene nests inside Olicamp anodized titanium mug (all inside 5.11 H20 carrier), smaller misc. items inside
9) Duct tape
10) North Eastern Arms NEA-15 7.5” PDW AR-15, NcSTAR Mark III tactical scope (2-7x32), Magpul MS4 dual QD sling, Magpul AFG2, Magpul MBUS front/rear sight, extra mags
11) UTG Special Ops universal leg holster, UTG heavy duty web belt
12) Oversized waterproof black rain poncho
13) Extra ammo for visualization purposes
14) Mini hatchet
15) 36-hour candle
16) Beretta PX4 9mm, spare mags
17) Head lantern
18) Shemagh, bandana
19) 14.5” zip ties
20) Black paracord
21) Potassium iodide tablets (radiological disaster)
22) Hennessy hammock (Ultralite backpacker Asym Zip)
23) Gerber firestarter
24) Gerber multitool
25) Gerber Prodigy knife
26) Diamond sharpening stone (dual grit) and diamond sharpening rod
27) Gerber folding shovel
28) Waterproof “tactical” playing cards
29) Camo survival blanket
30) OTIS AR-15 cleaning kit (with FrogLube packets)
31) Carbohydrate gel packets
32) Clif bars
33) Gerber folding knife
34) Red 12-hour glow sticks
35) Travel roll of TP

Not pictured: UCO candle lantern with beeswax candles, Lifestraw water filter, contents of Nalgene bottle (matches, lighter, fuel tablets, button compass, razor blades, sewing kit, mini first aid kit, water purification tabs), extra merino wool socks, small flashlight, silver coins

P.S. No, I don’t work for Gerber!

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