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Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit

The new, as of yet unreleased Vigilant Gear Micro SERE kit and a regular sized business card.

Yep, it's that small.

Packed with some of Vigilant Gear's best SERE gear. Weighs nothing, takes up very little space.

One of the prizes in our upcoming contest...

Kit dump and thoughts after the jump.

Photo courtesy Vigilant Gear. Their picture is much better than mine :)

As you can see, lots of cool stuff in a very small package.

The Decoder and Quick Stick can get you through common padlocks and other types of locks in seconds, with practice. A lot lighter than a crowbar or breaching shotgun, a lot quieter too.

Basic firestarting with the ferro rod, ceramic blade and Tinder Quick tab.

The Micro Escape tool is a combination handcuff shim and saw - for slicing through zip ties, tape and so on.

The Kevlar cordage and wire provide a variety of multi-use options, from snaring and primitive traps to repair.

Button compass and mirror/SOLAS reflector - both very small and of high quality - provide navigation and signalling ability.

Handcuff keys and shim provide means for escaping unlawful restraint by handcuffs.

In actual use, best practice would be to conceal the 'escape' tools on your person prior to capture/unlawful restraint. Tape, safety pins, a little creative sewing would get you good results.

Overall, lots of useful tools in a very compact, easy to carry package. Use it as a standalone micro kit or distribute the components around.

Stay tuned to Vigilant Gear for the official launch, or enter our upcoming contest for a chance to win. Details coming soon :)