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Snowmageddon is coming...

Just started to snow in my neck of the Southeast. 6 inches of snow is the forecast, and it looks like things will be largely shut down for the next day or two. Last year I think we had 1 inch of snow around here, so that should tell you a little bit about the relative scope of this storm.

I'm not expecting anything particularly interesting to happen, but stopped by the store to pick up some groceries this morning. We've been traveling and were low on stuff like milk, juice.

Saw lots of folks buying cheap flashlights or looking for batteries. We've got lots of both around here. Shelves were still well stocked, though eggs were noticeably missing.

I have friends and co-workers in the Philly area that just had their power restored yesterday it was knocked out by an ice storm 7-ish days ago. Cold and inconvenient. One guy gave up after a couple days and checked his family into a nice hotel to wait until power came back on.

Preps for this kind of thing aren't too complicated. Warm clothes, good sleeping bags and something like a Mr. Buddy Heater (I still need to pick one up) to keep you warm. Some basic lighting and a way to power your cell if the power goes out. A way to heat water/food, too. If you live in the northern lands, you already know all this.

If you DO have to go out and drive around in the snow, make sure you've got warm clothes and some variety of 'get home bag' on the off chance you do get stranded. A sleeping bag, some food, more warm clothes, maybe a candle or two and some 'Hot Hands' things, etc. A shovel, some sand/kitty litter for traction if you need it and a tow strap if you know how to use one.

Last storm around, the strandings in the Atlanta area were pretty epic. Kids staying at school over night, births on the side of roads. I grew up and learned to drive in Canada, so a few inches of snow sure would not keep my 4x4 from picking up my kids or getting my wife to the hospital.

But, best to play it safe, and that's what people seem to be doing this time around.

Stay warm and safe!


  1. I just had an experience the other day that made me realize how important a pair of long underwear are in my vehicle kit. I slid off an icy road into a ditch and it took every bit of 8 hours in -2 degree weather until I could get someone there to help wench the vehicle out of the ditch. The first wrecker company slid on the same spot of ice and jacknifed their tow truck on the other side of the road.

    Long story short, I always keep extra clothes and blankets in my vehicle during the winter for situations like this, but aside from a blanket, sweatshirt, gloves, socks, t-shirt, jeans, and small jacket...I realized that I really need to keep a pair of long underwear as well.

    1. Good advice. Thermals keep you extra toasty when the temps drop low.

    2. or carhart insulated coveralls. serve several purposes. like if you get a flat in your business attire.

    3. oh ,and we're supposed to get 12-14 inches. we won't be moving for days. "call out the national guard !" lol.

  2. Riverrider, the carhart insulated coveralls is a great idea! Although I had plenty of layers on with a t-shirt, hoodie, down jacket, gloves, and a beanie...I only had a pair of blue jeans on and my legs were absolutely freezing after about 30 minutes.

  3. Just thought I'd add that cotton clothing, especially close the skin, is a poor choice. Synthetic or wool are the way to go, as cotton traps moisture close to your body and causes you to freeze to death. Check your sleeping bags for cotton material too.

    I have found that cotton as an outer layer, or shell, is usually fine. But watch your inner layers.