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Updates...shelves and safety nets...ramblings...

Have a whole slew of entries to the E&E Image contest posting up over the next several days. Keep an eye out for them.

If you have not noticed, we've switched URLs. Gone is the old .blogspot address, in is the .com. The old link still works, so no need to update any bookmarks. You'll be directed here automatically.

We've have had some recent less-than-expected expenses hit recently, and it's been good to have the ol' emergency fund. We haven't needed to dip into it, but it gives some great peace of mind when life throws you the occasional financial curve ball.

Built up a pair of 1000lb per shelf shelving units from Costco...I've been lusting after Costco shelves for years, and I finally have them! They were on sale, too - $70 each I think? A bit finicky to set up, but pretty darn tough once they are done.

They are obviously in the process of being filled up at the moment..looks like I need some more water cans, too.

The crappy wire shelving in our pantry is up next. That's right crappy wire shelving, I'm coming for you!

Over the next several weeks, I will be easing up on my posting a bit to focus on the 'book' version of You Took Away Tomorrow, other blog related activities and real life.

No worries though - I will still post a couple of times a week, and the E&E contest entries will help fill in the gaps.