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E&E Image Contest: E&E Kit

From J:

Kit contains:
  • Ruger LCP with extra mag, filled with personal defense rounds (12).
  • CRKT folding, lock back knife with armor piercing point.
  • 7 ft. 550 paracord bracelet.
  • Bic mini lighter taped with extra electrical tape to more paracord, connected to a belt clip.
  • My Albuterol inhaler, because I have asthma.
  • And a few extra bucks in case I need to buy something along the way.
All tucked in nicely to a warm stocking cap, for portability & just in case it's cold.

Note from Alex: I like the use the the hat for a container! Handy.


  1. like that lighter idea. i will shamelessly steal it. thanks.

  2. What's the purpose of the lighter being rigged up that way?

  3. so it can be carried on the key chain instead of your pocket.

  4. It's a dummy cord for retention - however you like. Plus some extra tape stored.

    Have used similar set up for a while: http://www.teotwawki-blog.com/2011/02/more-thoughts-on-bics-modifications.html

  5. I like that kit very much, but I would include a simple pocket (Nemisis ?) type of holster for the gun as well, wouldn't add much bulk and would protect the gun. A zip lock baggy for water container or water resistant stash would also take up hardly any room or add any weight.

    Very nice minimal kit - good job!

    1. Thank you. A Crossbreed holster is always on my hip. along with a multitool and a first aid kit in my wallet.
      (hopfeully I will be fully dressed if/when I ever have to E&E)