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The Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key - TIHK

In many professions and scenarios, keeping a means for escaping unlawful restraint by handcuffs is a wise tactic. Before now, that usually meant something like safety pinning or taping a handcuff key to somewhere on your person.

The TIHK goes the extra mile - it's very small yet features an integrated clip. Pretty cool.

At $5 a pop when purchased in lots of 4, might not be a bad idea to get a few to stash various places.

Available now via the good people at Vigilant Gear.


  1. Who needs to spend $5 when a standard bobby pin works just as well. You can get a pack of 50 at the dollar store.

    1. $5 for a potential lifesaver sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Bobby pins don't work as well as an actual handcuff cuff, especially when your hands are behind your back with palms out - secondly, these don't set off metal detectors.

  2. It probably does not need to be said, but usually when handcuffed, its behind your back so the key should be located somewhere you can reach it, especially seated. An escape wouldn't probably be very effective if done right in front of the captors.