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Carbine Chest Rig in PenCott Greenzone

Criteria for the rig:
  • Carbine support + IFAK and water
  • Vehicle-friendly
  • Single-stack only & comfortable when prone
  • Able to wear with/over a vest or plate carrier
  • Compatible w/ an 'Assault pack' for a scout/overnight load or extra gear

Components (pattern is PenCott Greenzone):
Not pictured:
  • In-line Sawyer water filter on the hydration pouch + chlorine dioxide tablets. I have the old style Sawyer, but would probably buy the $20 Mini now.
  • The RAC has small velcro pockets on either side - they contain spare batteries (Aimpoint battery, CR123As), Bic lighter, SAR signal mirror, cordage and a couple other odds-n-ends.
Color Commentary:
I really like the Greenzone pattern for my area (woodlands), though at present, the selection of pouches is more limited. Very effective. These pouches are available in a variety of patterns if you prefer/need something different.

In my opinion, the RAC is a good starter/all-purpose rig that can grow with you. A few reasons:
  • Full MOLLE, so you can figure out what load works for you or change things up as needed, versus being stuck with a single pouch layout. Can be scaled up/down as needed.
  • Designed to be worn over armor, so it will still work if/when you get a plate carrier down the road
  • Very adjustable, very comfortable and stable even with a good amount of weight on it
Since the chest rig is designed to be worn over armor and opened or taken off if one needs to go lower profile (e.g. lying prone or crawling through a hole), a slick plate carrier underneath and a belt with a light fighting load would be a good companion to this rig.

A pistol could be added to the chest rig (lose a carbine mag) or carried separately on the belt line. At present, a drop leg holster is needed clear the med pouch. 

Tinkering is of course part of the game. The med pouch may be moved and a head/helmet light may be integrated. The mag pouch pull tabs will likely be switched out for the S&S Precision tabs. Black plastic will be rattle canned something brown/greenish.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the rig. The RAC is probably the best chest rig of this type today and Tactical Tailor in general is hard to go wrong with.

A very comfortable, versatile and functional set up, and (as far as tactical rigs go) fairly affordable for high quality, made in America gear.

Note: To see more pictures/discussion of battle rattle and tactical nylon, check out the Fighting Load contest over at TSLRF.