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Spot that Pack...Reveal

The reveal - big red arrow should help. 3rdman spotted it first.

Tactical Tailor just announced they're making pouches in Greenzone - the forest/jungle/green places pattern - and Badlands - the transitional, rocky, less green places pattern.

The pack used here is a Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack. Pretty cool little pack - more details coming.

After the jump for another one.

This one is harder. Click to get a little bit bigger view. It's within 10 yards. Big red arrow when you scroll down, but try to pick it out on your own. It's like Where's Waldo - the fun is in looking.

Even with the arrow, you can still hardly see it. I'll get some comparisons up with multicam, foliage, coyote and we'll see what else I can drag up.