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Exploding Crossbow Bolts - Daryl Dixon needs these!

From the mad scientist at Demolition Ranch, explosive tipped crossbow bolts. Don't try at home unless it's the zombie apocalypse.

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  1. A similar method is to use an aluminum arrow without a tip. One would fill the entire arrow cavity full of powder. A small amount of glue holds in a 209 shotgun primer in the point hole. A steel BB goes dead center on the primer and an inverted spent shell casing over the BB as a pressure striker. When it hits a moderately solid target, the BB is driven into the primer igniting the powder inside the arrow and producing significant aluminum fragmentation. Thus, it would be stupid to try this. I imagine a premature detonation beside your face would require more than your FAK can handle. As it has been stated, do NOT try this at home and without proper permits. This knowledge is for information purposes only and very dangerous due to the amount of powder an arrow will hold.